What game are you playing?

I can relate to not enjoying multiplayer games. I find most of them are just a few set maps and people running around shooting each other. How many variations of that do we really need? I mistakenly bought Star Wars: Battlefront a while back and - to me - it had very little value as a game because it was solely multiplayer. The only redeeming factor was just the fact that it was Star Wars.

Kind of why I appreciate Destiny. It’s multiplayer, but mostly co-op and people just come in and out of your missions. They have player vs. player but - again, to me - it’s just the same old thing every time.

I like the Walking Dead games, but the Telltale Games are getting easier and easier. They’re almost becoming interactive movies. One of their earlier games was a Monkey Island game which had some really challenging stuff in it. Not frustrating, just a bit more challenging than what they’re doing now.

Interesting how we have the same reasons to not play the games we used to enjoy.

Ironically, that’s exactly what I need to cool down for the day. Having to figure things out in an RPG after a long day of work, gets me even more tired and wanting to …

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Didn’t bother to [quote=“Ann_Chen, post:19, topic:159733, full:true”]
Mass Effect : Andromeda !

I went through ME also, I liked it but was a little bit disappointed. I don’t know if any of you played Knights of the Old Republic, but Mass effect largely owes it’s gameplay to it. Makes me wish they made another Knights of the old republic.

Witcher 3 was the best game i’ve ever played, their DLC is literally better than most complete games these days.

I get that… I think. Do you have a regular group of people you play with? I would find that much more enjoyable. When I’m just being matched up with random people I don’t get much out of it.

The feeling of making progress on an RPG (or “graphic adventure”… any of those puzzle games) is pretty satisfying.

My buddies are all on US East time, so we rarely get to play together. Funny thing though, when I do play with them, there’s a little more pressure on me to play well. I hate being the weakest link amongst friends, but when it’s with strangers, I could care less haha

Honestly, there are some days where I wish I could just play all day and not deal with the world and other people…makes it even harder now with a gf…:confounded:

I’m more into games with a story these days. I don’t really want to stress out too much playing against other people where there are winners and losers. I just want to go to a different world in a RPG and just enjoy the story.

Bioshock Infinite had a cool story. The ending was pretty mind-bending.

I got the Bioshock collection remastered, it looks great. Even Bioshock 1 looks like it could have came out today and the games like 10 years old

If I put N64 Goldeneye in the slot and gave you a controller, not in 100 years would you say no. :smiley:

No one says no to N64 Goldeneye


Been playing Heroes of Newerth on the side for god knows how long now. IMO a superior MOBA to LoL/Dota2, but superior doesn’t mean popular.

Whilst in-game, stumbled across and got invited to an active group of Taiwan players on Line/RaidCall that seem to be playing most nights.

Yea… I was quite disappointed too with the shitty animation. Just played it ffs…since I’ve played the previous ones. Keeping Witcher 3 for last since I’ve got a backlog of games right now XDD !!

I just finished GTA V. Best GTA I’ve played since GTA: Vice City.

Ann I am in the same boat. All those damn steam sales so I have about 20 single player games I want to finish haha.

hahaha steam does that to you !! I have a mix of both steam & non steam games !

I immediately skip the Steam home page and go straight to my games page to avoid this.

I know some of the Final Fantasy games were put onto steam, but there’s no way I’m dropping dough on that.

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no resistance to temptation eh !! lol

On to the 3rd season of walking dead. It’s addicting AF.

I’m spending most of my gaming time with the closed beta of Gwent. very good strategy/card game.

I’m also enjoying Flinthook. I’m a Binding of Isaac addict, so a similar game with different mechanics feels like a breath of fresh air.

I love Gwent, i honestly spend more time in taverns in the Witcher playing it than the game itself. Got all of the cards. Love the gwent tournys especially on the DLC when you had to use a new faction

Do you want to try the standalone version? I have some spare keys for the closed beta.

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