What game are you playing?


I actually have the closed beta, I signed up the moment they let us sign up for the waiting list into it. Haven’t had much time to play it though. Only played a couple rounds on it. It’s such a great mini game, I love of CD project made it into a standalone game when they saw people loved it.


I wonder what are their plans for the game. Hearthstone began as mostly a “fan service” tool, and turned out to become an extremely popular game (even if atm it’s really bad).

I’d be curious to know if CDPR sees Gwent as a fan service game, or if they have plans to make it a competitive game with tournaments etc. The only current issue with the game is the small amount of available cards, but it’s a closed beta and it has to be expected. If they’ll decide to support it long-term with regular content, updates and tournaments it could have a very bright future.

Oh, I forgot to mention Eternal: Card Game. It’s a really good card game that borrow a lot from magic (and a bit from Hearthstone) and can easily be played completely f2p. It’s one of the few games where it’s possible to make gold by playing against the ai in both constructed and draft, and while rewards are not as good as the equvalent pvp modes it’s great to make some gold while playing stress-free, without having to worry about lack of time, possible disconnections, meta-decks etc.


I had no idea it’s still a closed beta. I think it tells me either they really want to get it right or maybe they are really focused on getting cyberpunk going. Or both. I think most people that liked the witcher liked gwent. It’s really popular, but is it popular enough to be a standalone game? I know heartstone is popular and I often mention gwent to people who play it. But it seems unless you played the witcher, it’s not really a fan favorite.


There is a large tournament going on and it will end next week (if I remember correctly), then at the end of May the game will switch to open beta. This is why they sent out many closed beta invites, to attract even more players and have a good base once open beta starts.

Popularity will matter a lot (and here Hearthstone gets the upper hand), but many popular streamers have started to play Gwent and once open beta rolls out it may, hopefully, be a domino effect. It’s a game with very little rng so those pro-players who care about results because they play for a living prefer Gwent over Hearthstone. Of course popular Hearthstone streamers would never switch because they make hundreds of thousands of dollar by simply streaming HS, no matter how lame the game is in its current state.


Any playing outlast 2? It looks crazy freaking.


Today, Skyrim Home of the Nords, a player-made expansion pack for TESIII:Morrowind has had its first new release after 7 years of development. So, I think I am going to fire up the old Morrowind CD (who am I kidding), download OpenMW and get properly stuck into Morrowind for the first time in a very long time.


Is season 3 that ‘New Frontier’ game? Is it a continuation of seasons 1 and 2 or is it its own thing sort of like 400 days?


It’s a continuation of the first 2 seasons. It started it off slow but it got better. I like it, you don’t play much as Clem but you see her actions as a new protagonist.


Any good games for the PS4? Not sure what to play right now.


2K Games is doing a terrible job with all their online games. Even Nba 2k has terrible online performance, and when it does work you get paired up with cheaters. Feelsbadman.


I played it but I didn’t like it for some reason.




Doesn’t seem to fall in your category of games played, but Overwatch could be fun to play. Despite the lack of campaign or single player.


Is it still 1600+. I thought about getting it but it doesn’t seem to have much content for a price of a full game. And I wonder if I’m at disadvantage jumping in now if everyone’s up a bunch of gear and stuff.


On PChome it’s 1900NT, but I assume that’s a more expensive outlet to buy games from?


Gear doesn’t make a difference since it’s all cosmetics. No power ups of any sort.

It’s really not a big learning curve. If you ever played Team Fortress Classic back in the, you’ll pick up this game very very fast.

I bought the game last November (half a year after it got released) and picked it up in about 3-5 days. Granted I played a good 5 hours per day, but it was just that addicting.


I’ll see I I can find it on sale or used. It been out for a while. You play on the PC?


Yup. I gave up on console gaming after I realized it’s cheaper to just upgrade my computer every now in then instead of buying a new console every 3 years or so.

Plus, I could play my games wherever I went with a laptop/mouse/mousepad, instead of being held down by a console and TV.


PC gaming is really good, but I also have a PS4 for the exclusives.

-The show 17

  • The last of us (and number 2 coming soon)
  • Gran Turismo Sport (wish it would come out already)
  • Horizon zero dawn
  • Uncharted 1-4 etc




I’ve been playing MLB 17. But it’s so buggy. Half of my online games end in disconnects. Im really pissed with it, they do this every year.