What game are you playing?


My online games never DC’d before. My PSN did just expire though so I need
to get another year for it…


Has anyone tried Prey?


Is it just that game or does it happen on the regular? Could be your connection. Also could be something else on the network causing issues. Like if you’ve got bittorrent going on a computer and trying to play online. I can’t say I never get disconnected but it’s fairly stable most of the time.

If it’s just that game, then it’s just that the game sucks…


Guild Wars.

Guild Wars is life.


I downloaded prey, it’s pretty cool. Just got done with the first hour. Not bad, I can’t say I love it yet, but it’s early. It’s interesting enough to get me to keep playing to understand whats going on. It’s a like like bioshock.


Battlefield 1 is one of my current favorite’s. Horizon: Zero Dawn is pretty legit as well. If you’re looking at free computer games, League of Legends is a big way to waste time ahah, but it’s kinda fun. Team Fortress 2 is also a great multiplayer game that is free. Overwatch is also pretty good.


Dota 2 brooooo LoL is lame. Shoot rockets across the entire map wtf


Doesn’t Clockwerk do the same?

Or did I not get the reference that you were referencing Clockwerk. :smiley:


lol come on that is some small splash damage and LoL has 2 chars shooting stun missiles across the entire map -_- plus dota was the original :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and in LoL both teams can have the same hero…errr…


On a side note, have you guys seen the Pokemon craze with the arcade machines? I don’t follow the game, but when I walk pass the toy level at the malls, there’s always one machine that has 8-10 kids including adults in line.

Apparently you battle the machine and at the end, you end up getting a plastic card (like a poker chip). Some of the kids and adults were hardcore with binders full of them.


That’s been around for a long time. I think you insert your own card to start and your character does battle with one on the machine.


Anyone else see they are making the witches into a tv series on Netflix?


Prey is an awesome game to play atm


This is pretty stupidly time consuming



If you’re interested in the Tell Tale Walking Dead games, you can get Season 1 on PC for free from humblebundle.com right now. Limited time only. It’s a code for Steam, I believe.

The game is good for Walking Dead fans, but gameplay is minimal. You’re mostly playing it for the story (which is pretty good).


Thanks for the heads up.


Halo 3. Waiting patient for the next CoD. Debating to get a US XBoxOne or one from TW.


In a similar vein, couch co op game Monaco is free for 24 hours on steam - http://store.steampowered.com/app/113020/Monaco_Whats_Yours_Is_Mine/


With this heavy rain and gf busy today. Finally got a excuse to be lazy and play uncharted 4 the lost chapter.


PUBG all day everyday