What game are you playing?


the order 1886 on PS4 sometimes too. Not a bad game, cheap 2nd hand too.


Do I need to play destiny 1 to know what’s going on in destiny 2?


My friends who were playing Destiny 1 earlier this year told me to just wait until Destiny 2 comes out. They said there was no need for me to start on Destiny 1 first.


Has anyone tried out Star Trek Bridge Crew yet? It’s probably the only VR game that looks like fun. Plenty of game play videos on youtube, and the multi-player games are hilarious.


Feeling a bit old lately, so I’ve gotten myself some retro roms for the SNES and MD, planning to kick off either link to the past or shining force this weekend to relive my childhood. Gotta make sure I can use the xbox controller though :).


I’ve been hesitant to buy any VR hardware. I’m not sure about the longevity of it. I feel like it’s just a phase or it might drastically improve later vs now.


I am the same feeling. I’m waiting for the controller free VR, where you would just wear the headset, but have something like the kinect to capture your gesture, down to the movement of each finger, instead of holding some type of control stick, which at most can capture the motion on the index fingers.


If you guys haven’t tried anything VR yet, I highly recommend it. Words can’t truly describe the feeling you get of being completely teleported into the game. It really is amazing! Absolutely full immersion! Especially if you love horror films, the scary games/experiences will make you jump when you turn your head and there’s a zombie/ghost inches away from your face!

That being said, I don’t have the money to delve into a full VR computer setup and the PS4 VR is a bit out of reach for me to justify splurging on it (not enough disposable income). But there are means to at least try it out for yourselves. :2cents:


Yes but I feel like the horror genre is it’s one trick pony. That seems to be the only type of game that i would play with it. There’s just not enough out there for me to justify buying a VR set.


Love uncharted lost chapter. I’m thinking about revising Skyrim remastered.

Any new games coming up?


Factorio, The Settlers II, Battlefield 1 and the best of them all

Dwarf Fortress


Totally agree. But it is really cool to at least experience once.

I’m a car guy. I want it for the racing and flying games. Makes you feel like you’re really in the vehicle.


Looks like slim pickings for a while. There’s the new Middle Earth, Assassins Creed and South Park games coming next month. Call of Duty WWII, Star Wars Battlefront and a Need for Speed game in November. Doesn’t seem to be anything major after that (at least not with a release date).

Oh, there’s a Wolfenstein game coming too.


Here’s a video of the new steam knuckle controllers, as you can see they can do full 5 finger tracking, it looks pretty sweet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCkD5aM3AwQ

There are more and more sweet VR games and experiences coming out, I’ve been on the fence about buying one for a while, but it’s getting to the point where there are enough worthwhile things out there to justify the purchase. As @Yang_Gui_Zi said, if you haven’t tried out top tier VR yet (HTC vive, or the Oculus Rift), it really is awesome, and price has been steadily dropping over the past year. You can pick up the Oculus Rift for around the $450 us dollar mark from Amazon.


I’m revisiting skyrim special edition. Really buggy like all Bethesda games. Been sick this whole week so gave me an excuse to just get immerse into a RPG. RPGs are scary for me as I get lost into them and drop everything else in life besides eating and sleeping lol

Also downloading NBA 2k18. I don’t know why I keep getting it year after year. I hated it since NBA 2k12 with all the micro transactions and lack of improvements. But I for some reason hope it’s better every year. Yet I sell it off after like 2 weeks the last 2 years.


FIFA 18 comes out this week xD


I played the first section on PS3 before and then never picked it up again. Looks like an interesting game but also really, really time consuming.

I haven’t had a TV for a few months now so all my gaming has been remote play with the PS Vita. Thankfully, things like the telltale games are easy to control. Grand Theft Auto V has decent remote-play controls too. Some games are just impossible to control using the vita’s configuration.


World’s most expensive PS4 bundle was only available in Taiwan, now sold out :).


The way they say it “sold out” makes it sound like there was actually more than one of these bundles. They could have just as easily said that they offered one bundle and somebody already bought it.

Cool package, though. Too bad it’s a Miata…


true, I had an awesome time with skyrim, played close to 200 hours with mods. The combat is dreadful, but it’s a beautiful world to explore with plenty of cool things to do. If you just follow the main quest it’s not a very long game, but I don’t think that’s how it should be experienced.

The side quest of the dark brotherhood is awesome.