What game are you playing?

I know what you mean. I loved them all up to the N64, but by Wind Waker on the GameCube, I was getting annoyed by the tedious dungeons, and the plots compared to some other RPGs at the time were underwhelming, so I just grew out of Zelda. The hype around Tears caught me this time round.

I couldn’t even play the N64 version. I think the issue is that 3D Zelda’s are deep in the uncanny valley, and the world just looked really empty compared to the 2D version. I think they should bring back 2D Zelda. Plus after about 3 games the story of Zelda just looks the same. The world is in chaos and bad because Gannon screwed everything up, so every Zelda is defeat Gannon. Oh and Gannon kidnapped princess Zelda for some neferious reason, and link must rescue her. It gets old after a while.

At least Metroid don’t try to do that.

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