What happened to Alley Cats Pizza?


The definitive eurotrash anthem.


how about 80s italo disco.


Barbie is an American product, no?


No thanks.


That’s why Mattel sued them for copyright infringement.


It’s horrible! I used to hear it a bit back in the 80s when I was living in Northern Europe. I’ll see if I can find some examples. Brace yourself though!


They should’ve been thankful someone actually promoted the doll.


You got it.


I guess everyone else came to the same realization. Mediocre pizza could cut it 15 years ago, but now there’s pizza places that are just as good as those in the US or other western countries (well, except Italy obviously).

This happens to chains all the time. They misread the demand for their product and expanded too quickly. Then they quickly contract when they find out they’re losing money by the buckets because they thought people liked them more than they really do.


I like that stupid song though. Catchy af.


Even after the 500th time?


she does look cute in this pic. nice mouth …,reminds me of…uh…NVM.


Especially after the 500th time!


Remind me not to get stuck with you on a long train journey…


The big pizza chain in Taichung that’s popular now is Pizza Rock, I see them everywhere . I haven’t tried it but it is similar in that a foreigner started it but has franchised out the name.

My taste buds aren’t picky so I just get the buy one get one free small pizza at pizza hut for $390


Is the crust thin and hard as a rock?




Similar to what??


I bumped into the owner of Pizza Rock at Taoyuan HSR a while ago. Seemed like a nice guy.

I quite like the pizzas. They’re pretty decent at that price range.


That crossed my mind too. A horrible name for a pizza store