What happened to Alley Cats Pizza?


The music’s good. Not many pizza joints where you get to listen to Led Zep.


The whole Alleycats topic
Original owner is a foreigner that eventually franchised


I’ll have to give them a try. Do you know which one the owner works at? I’d rather try there than the local franchise


He probably was trying to name it ‘Hard Rock Pizza’ … but got a no-no from Hard Rock Cafe.


It will be one of them in Taichung, I guess. I have no idea what the business model is.

The pizza bases aren’t outstanding, but the toppings are good. I like the prosciutto pizza.


It’s been established that there were never any Alleycat’s franchises.

Read the thread.


So was the current Alley Cats owner Mark ever connected in business with the founder?


Pizza Rock is not bad. It’s not awesome, but it’s definitely acceptable and leaps and bounds beyond Pizza Hut and Dominoes. I’d give them a B+


He bought him out, I believe.
But again, this is long long before it was a known brand. Mark was responsible for it growing into the multi-location chain of the late 00s/early 10s.


Did I not see one of them out in Yonghe???


Agree. Not on par with Solo/Zoca in Taipei, but I’d take Pizza Rock over all the Dominos/Pizzahut and many dodgy taiwanese-style pizza restaurants that basically serve bread with cheese on top and heated in an electric oven.


My taste buds are all but useless.
Feed me a gourmet burger home cooked and a McDonald’s one and I’ll enjoy both the same.
For me it’s not with buying high quality items since I literally can’t differentiate.

The bonus side of that is the ability to eat cheaply and save money.


Missed your post, must have skimmed over it by mistake


On other chains: I’ve never understood lumping Domino’s and Pizza Hut together. Domino’s isn’t great, but it’s not a disaster either - when there was one within walking distance, it was an occasional guilty pleasure. But I don’t think I’d ever buy from Pizza Hut.

I feel sort of bad for local pizza places, like with local coffee shops: most of them are not good. Not at all. However, there are a few gems in there, but with all the dreck I need to see a bunch of positive reviews before I’d bother trying them out.

Wow a lot of words have been spilled on this website about Alleycat’s. At least four chat threads over the years?!



Yup. My in-laws ordered from them once … I wasn’t impressed, but I didn’t do the ordering either, so I suspect our order was heavy on the local-palate flavors.


I think Pizza Hut is much better than Domino’s. Of course, that’s not really saying much.


Which one does the buy one get one free if you order a large pizza? We gave up taking advantage of that deal a long time ago. Just a shed load of stodgy crap you can’t finish.


That would be Pizza Hut.


It always gives me the two bob bits. I think that’s down to teenagers doing the handling/cooking. Dirty little buggers.


FIFY. :grin: