What happened to the GOP?

Well, not going to go searching, the overall point stands. Which you see playing out all over. Republicans trying to save the skin of various establishment types.

GOP Sen. Murkowski is not going to be saved no matter how many Republican politicians get behind her.

Jeff Flake can virtue signal for Liz Cheney all he likes, no ones buying it, not many anyway. Politico can do it’s job of name calling and trying to persuade everyone these are the adults of the Republican party. The Baghdad Bob media lost it’s credibility years ago, not going to influence anybody that matters.

The media, the establishment Republicans have no power. They have nothing to negotiate with, They are outnumbered and they know it.

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Murkowski already won a general election where she lost the republican primary and won the general election as a freaking write in, and Alaska has since moved to an open primary where the top 4 advance to the general election. I suspect she’s not too worried about the general election, never mind getting primaried. And Trump’s as likely to drag his ass to alaska as he was to walk to the capital with the protesters (like he said he was going to).

Even she lost the primary I imagine there was still sizable goodwill towards her from Republicans as well as Democrat support.

Try pulling off that trick when all goodwill has gone from the Republican base. Same for Liz Cheney.

Witness GQP tactics. Not only are they shedding GOP voters over to Biden, but also galvanizing future political involvement and turnout from center-left. :brain:

It gets better:

I think you have the framework wrong, I understand the MSM is framing this as the sane moderate Republicans vs the far right QAnon supporting Republicans. That is the wrong framework.

The right framework is the majority of Republicans are beginning to despise their own party politicians in no small part because they are shills for corporations who in turn despise them. Why wouldn’t they be when the leadership of the Republican party is getting talking points from Frank Luntz who represents Google, Facebook and the like and they quite literally live together.

So people are coming out and trying to replace the old corporate pandering politicians from both the left and the Right. How about this guy? He is running against Maxine Waters, would you consider voting for him despite running as a Republican or would Maxine get the vote because she is Democrat?

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Biden definitely isn’t bleeding votes from the left, funny take though. By being smartly populist, he has impressed both the people to the left of him, and won over voters from the center-right as well.

These guys will never get it but it’s funny as hell to watch the GOP shed burn down:

An expert in government ethics has described Ted Cruz’s newspaper column on “woke CEOs” as the “most openly corrupt thing any Senator has said.”

The Texas senator, in a Wall Street Journal column published last week, expressed his anger at the decision by a number of corporations, including Coca-Cola, to object to Georgia’s controversial new voting law.

Cruz faced a backlash to the column for suggesting that, “this time,” he and other Republican lawmakers would stop offering corporations potentially unethical tax breaks and other multibillion-dollar exemptions in return for financial contributions to their political causes.

The beauty of the Republican Party has always been its diversity. Neocons, paleo-cons and every shade in between agreeing to disagree and celebrating that such litmus tests are not required like they are within the Dims (where African American Repubs are often called Uncle Toms).

If they kick out Cheney, it is the transformation of the Republicans into the the party of populism and modern day Jacksonianism. Not a bad thing necessarily but it won’t win elections because they are based on coalitions, not white working class anger . There should be room for the Stassen/Rockefeller/Scranton/Eisenhower types in alliance, albeit often uneasy, with the Taft, Goldwater, Tea Party, Trump, etc. wings.

I would have voted for Ho Chi Minh’s momma over Hillary in 2016 but am shocked that they could be punitive on Cheney. When the Repubs incorporate Scoop Jackson Democrats, Goldwater, and William Weld Repubs, etc. they win—big tent. That was the beauty of Reagan and W.

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Good to see you @ChewDawg I don’t get the feeling that’s what is happening. It’s what the media claims is happening, George Bush pushed the same line a day or so ago, but the reality is in 2020 Trump saw gains in every minority with the AA vote up to 12% from 4% and 6% for McCain and Romney. Based on policy decisions.

What a large proportion of Republican supporters saw over 4 years was Trump busting his balls were the Liz Cheney and Mitt Romneys were impeaching him for asking about Joe Bidens bullshit. They saw Jeb Bush and the rest of the establishment hold their noses and say they would rather vote for Clinton. They saw a Republican House and Senate do nothing to push back on a Mueller probe started by sore losers who were using a dossier of made up crap from an actual Russian spy.

They have watched these McCain types show nothing but contempt for them while Cindy McCain runs a foundation getting rich and funding her next diamond necklace, they saw Republican coffers swell 100’s of millions to investigate fraud in the election which they spent none of and now after losing the House the Senate and Presidency in an election 70% think was lost to cheating (30% of Democrats think the same) they bought into the over exaggerated claims the 6th of January events were the most horrific incident in the US since the civil war as an opportunity to throw Trump under the bus.

So it’s not surprising the Republican supporters don’t see these establishment types as the media wants to present them, they are seen as elites who have more in common with Democrats than with common man and woman. They will all be booed, Mitt Romney just had his turn, Paul Ryan who wouldn’t allow subpoena to go though for 2 years he ran the House, Kevin McCathay, Lindsey Graham, Niki Haley, they all deserve it. Mike Pence is up for some speech soon, want to bet he doesn’t get booed off stage? He is now seen as a person who tried to sabotage the Presidency from the inside from day 1.

His golf balls?

He did that a lot too. As well as tweeting a ton of highly inappropriate tweets.

I would have thought you would have seen this as a positive turn of events, the majority of Republican supporters despise the Republican leadership almost as much as you do.

If we use the premise the leadership still goes through Trump and his nod, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

A good chunk of them will bleed off the party and denounce what’s left, in turn bleeding off their votes and marginalizing them farther (yay)…and what’s left is a party that boos Mitt Romney/tries to eject Cheney.

The nuts have taken over the GOP. Probably the best possible outcome since they’re out of power and need to burn down.

The media and Republican leadership don’t like that reality though, although those who do see that are forced to sit in uncomfortable poses with Trump. Ted’s look on his face is not that far off from Romneys a while back. :grinning:

People don’t like the war mongering crowd, Bushes and John Bolton types. The globalist agenda isn’t really their agenda, they hope they have representatives who represent them, not corporations. Or at least some balance, right now it’s pretty clear the Washington types despise everyone else, they work in a symbiotic relationship to push non stop divisiveness, knowingly and dishonestly though the MSM. If America had an asshole it would be Washington and the whole thing is in need of a good enema.