What happens when my cellphone contract ends?

Got a phone (CHT) 29 months ago on a 30 month contract. Does it just roll over into a month-to-month? Do I get a reduced rate after that? Do I have to go in and sign a new contract? Do I get a new phone?

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I’m not sure, but I was wondering the same thing about my 2-year internet contract with CHT, which just finished in March. I assume they’ll just keep charging me month to month until I go do something about it, which appears to be the case so far…

Your service continues but chances are you will be de-prioritized with against contract paying customers.

What does that mean? The OP will still be paying for their services, no?

You will continue to pay and get services, but you should be getting texts often telling you that your contract is up and you can go in to sign a new one.

Who knows, maybe there’s a new plan that’s better/cheaper than your current one. Doesn’t hurt to go in and see what’s up.

It means you’ll continue to get service but it might not work as smoothly (glitches) since you aren’t on a contract.

Also: this may be a good time to switch providers since a lot of the good deals are reserved for “new” customers.

I seriously doubt it, as long as the customer is still paying. I don’t even know what type of difference you might be anticipating with “working smoothly” versus “glitches” - in my experience, the cellphone and internet services here tend to just work, and if there’s a problem the company will presumably address it as long as the customer is continuing to pay.

It’s already happened to me.

I had a TW Mobile contract end.

You just keep paying and nothing happens.


Sounds pretty vague. What happened?

I’d have preferred a month-to-month contract rather than a two-year one in the first place, to be honest. I’d be irritated if they automatically signed me up to renew for another two years. So as long as I keep paying and they keep providing service - fine by me.

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My contract ended and it carried on for about 15 years. A few times I was asked if I wanted to sign a new one and was told if I wanted to upgrade to say 4G, I would need to sign a contract.

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I had a contract expire with Taiwan Mobile. You get a text message every month, and it just carries over month to month. No downgraded service.

After several months, I got a text message offering a $100/month discount if I signed a 2-year contract. That got me back into their store.

So, don’t ignore the reminder text messages.

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My service degraded, internet became a little slower.

That’s short-sighted of the carrier. As a paying customer i’d port my number over to a competitor if they tried that. I always bring my own phone and never a contract and so far so good

Reviving this thread.
So my 2 year Taiwan Mobile contract is ending. I was just n the store paying my bill. They said I can not keep paying month to month (have a hard time believing this). They said if I don’t renew the 2 year contract…. I will lose the number….
So… is this total bull honky? Can I just continue paying the $699 bill every month and keep the number? I don’t want to sign another 2 year contract. I brought my own phone anyways. It’s not even their phone.
Thanks for the help

Just don’t want to lose the number

Ask them what contracts (time length) are like for 699 or less per month. You’ll be able to keep your number if you decide on one you like.
Else go to CHT. See its deal. # can be kept when going to another carrier.

What if I don’t want a contract and I just keep paying the 699nt a month?

That we probably don’t know what will happen until day 1 of no contract and if your # is still running at the same level of service (data, etc.).

That’s a load of crap they just want you to resign so they get another commission.
Only thing is if you were on a promotional plan you may lose some credits but generally most plans continue at the same price month to month.

Just ignore their slimy sales tactics, you won’t get cancelled

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Thanks :pray: Gonna take your advice and just keep paying monthly