What happens when my cellphone contract ends?

You can port your number to another company, if not it just continues. You can change phone plans without getting punished with a release fine.

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Are there any amazing deals with other providers that provide a deal on an iPhone that I’m missing out on? I’m a heavy data user so I need unlimited data.

Ok, this whole, if-you-don’t-make-new-contract-you-lose-the-number is big BS. They just want to pressure you to sign for another 2 years.
Do you need a new mobile? Or just cheap internet?
I never get a contract incl. new mobile, mainly because what they offer doesn’t even make it into my Top10, also when calculating, I would pay more than buying a new mobile in the end.
Had a contract with FET for 499 per month for unlimited internet. Of course they bothered me to sign another 2 years, but told me that the 499 contract is not available anymore.
Then I told them, why should I sign a new contract, just keep the 499 running or if not possible, I switch to Chungwha. Again, but we don’t have the 499 contract anymore. Me: ok, then I better switch to another provider.
And then they remembered, we can offer the 599 contract and give you 100 NTD monthly discount until the end of the contract.
So, it depends all on your negotiation skills and knowing that each network provider wants new customers.
Personally opinion, you don’t lose anything if you switch from Taiwan Mobile to another provider. Especially that 699 is pretty “expensive” after I told you what I pay.
My contract has unlimited data, 40 minutes free calls to landlines monthly, 60 minutes free calls to other networks and for some odd reason, a huge amount of SMS which I never use until the end of my life.


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Thanks for this.
We are a family of 3. All of us have our own unlocked iPhones. Our Taiwan Mobile 699nt contract ends soon. My goal is to keep our numbers and possibly switch providers if it drops our monthly costs. If there was some ultra amazing deal that included “new” iPhones I’d be tempted. The cost of buying unlocked iPhones outright is crazy expensive.

Talk with them, you could argue why should I pay so much, I get a cheaper contract with other providers when I don’t need a new mobile. Keep in mind, they wanna keep u as paying customer, so they do almost anything to keep you.


Given the fact that foreigners are often treated poorly by phone providers, I might be inclined to disagree.

I feel it fits in this context:

They offer NT$466 / month for unlimited data using CHT’s network on a monthly basis.

Never had that experience to be poorly treated.
The opposite is the case, FET never had to pay a deposit, they give me what I want. Of course they try to get the better deal for them, like suddenly 30 months instead of 24 months contract, but successful refused.
Chungwha, have only a contract with internet, MOD and phone, but last time called asked me whether I want to pay 9(!) NTD more to have all channels on MOD. Confirmed that 3 times and turned out to be true, my bill increased by 9 NTD.


Are you married?

I was, not anymore since 13 years. APRC holder since 14 years.


I’m sure back then it was because of your marriage that they thought your spouse would bail you out.

At FET, I am required to bring in my passport EVERY time for anything. Chunghwa same thing. Taiwan Star doesn’t even allow foreigners and APT I had to fight just to get the rules for foreigners abolished until they ended up restoring the rule. That fight cost at least $15000.

Absolute BS. They said the same to me as well, but everything continues to work fine.

No, the contract is under my name. When we got divorced, we went to FET and the moved the contract to my name. No deposit required. No guarantor.
All my contracts are under my name. FET needs to use my APRC number, otherwise they could not deduct the bill from my credit card. Same with CHT. The contract is under my APRC number to deduct the monthly bill from my credit card. The credit cards are under my APRC number not passport number.
In fact, I don’t need guarantors, if I apply a new credit card or when I wanted to finance my car.


I have Taiwan Star, so you can have it as a foreigner. But they also asked me to bring my passport in order to sign up.

Is it month to month or a prepaid card?

Like a prepaid card, but I pay a whole year all at once

That’s different. If you’re on prepaid then they don’t care cause you’re not a risk.

It’s when you’re postpaid.


Taiwan Star doesn’t even trust a foreigner will pay a $199nt phone bill every month. Not classy guys.

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