What has Trump done for Hong Kong? Also, what has he done for Taiwan?

I am curious what the community here thinks:

Hong Kong fell, while Trump and Boris were in office, and a good 28 years earlier than the planned expiration date at that. Yet, support for Trump in Hong Kong seems to be quite virile.


Simply because his constant incendiary rhetoric toward the CCP? What have Trump/Pompeo actually done to help out HK’ers?

I know this post sounds like a point being made using the Socratic method, but I am genuinely curious as to what HK’ers, people in HK, or people familiar with the HK situation, think about regarding what Trump has actually done to help, outside of chest puffing and seemingly empty rhetoric.

Same goes for Taiwan. Do people here really think that Trump was geopolitically savvy enough to intentionally take the call from Tsai Ing-wen, knowing the implications of doing so? I think the perception of Trump here is skewed due to people not really knowing who Trump is and how he has run the US, not to mention:

The government and much of TW media, ever since Trump took the Tsai call, has been quite supportive of Trump over these past four years…but how much of that do you think is out of fear and survival? Even dilettante US watchers know that Trump has been fickle and unpredictable, especially with his relationships with traditional US allies - see the Kurds. Perhaps they feel like they have to suck up to him, knowing that if they don’t he can pettily sell Taiwan off as collateral for his trade war, perhaps like he already did with Hong Kong and the Uighurs. What a terrible position to be in if this theory is correct.

Trump and Republicans have been quite supportive of Taiwan these past few years, but do you really think this would have not been echoed under a Hillary Clinton administration - who would have supported the TPP - and with Obama’s Pivot to Asia already having happened?

I have posted this thread to listen, not to argue. All opinions and perspective appreciated. I am still learning about all of this and want to hear a diversity of opinions if possible.


Plenty of news stories like this. If you really want to ‘listen’ then google it for yourself and stop waffling out a bunch of biased nonsense.

I do know about these sanctions passed with broad bipartisan support, but thank you for the link.

What did I post that you deem as “biased nonsense?”

The US can’t be held responsible for the fall of HK. The Brits were. Twice.


Your assertion that trump is so dumb he wouldn’t know the political situation of taiwan, and picked up the call by accident. Don’t get all coy now, it’s a ridiculous thing to say.

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Brits weren’t even allowed to sell recreational opium. /s

We failed to hold the Gin Drinkers Line. One would think that was one thing we could get right. Patten’s tears.

Can we expect an influx of about 40 posts from the US election thread any minute?

Seriously, what could he do? Britain missed the chance in 1997 by refusing to give passports and allow free immigration. Countries like the U.S., Canada, Australia should have, but weren’t under any particular obligation.


Oh I definitely cannot say definitively that Trump did not know the gravity of that action. However,
Trump’s…grasp…of domestic history has hardly inspired confidence - see below. If he gets the most basic elements of American history wrong, it is really not much of a logical stretch to deduce he is not exactly a czar of international politics/history. Perhaps candidates on both sides should be vetted using a simple history test from now on. In the past, this was never an issue.


Trump dismantled China’s global network for Taiwan.

Trump elevated Taiwan’s status. In the past, US Department of State always tried their best to downgrade Taiwan.

Now, the Dept of State frequently makes Taiwan-friendly statements without having to also mention One-China.


Trump puffed his chest out on China and that’s enough to convince some he’s good for TW.

A closer look under his hood shows the opposite.

Starting with, Trump doesn’t support democracies or their leaders, so you can’t rely on that kind of leader to support your democracy.

Which kinda insta-defeats the rest of the minutiae floating around out there.


I would say just look at the result. Is Taiwan safer now? I think we know the answer.

People dismiss Obama as weak on China because they value bluster over results. You have to outsmart your opponent and China is playing the long game (see belt and road initiative). The only way to beat China is multi lateral leverage - many against one. Something Biden understands and has specifically stated when questioned about his policy towards China. Unilateral actions like the trade war have proven to be ineffective. China has already more than made up for any loss in trade with the US! If anyone thinks China is shaking in their shorts because of Trump, is completely underestimating their opponent. The TPP was the only logical path forward and I suspect the US will join with Biden.


So you basically made this thread to keep blurting out the same things over and over again? as i said at first, you can google a ton of news story’s over the years.


Look, we all know Trumps a fucking idiot. Just sometimes by accident his actions have had beneficial consequences for Taiwan. Not so much for HK apart from sanctions which, yes, any followers of the situation are well aware of.

The worst thing is how unstable the whole of east Asia has become. That’s the danger in all of this. Yes, we all would like to see the China bully dealt with responsibly and according to terms we can live with, but that ain’t happening right now and Trump has only made it worse overall.


Please stop with this nonsense. CCP are the aggressors (not only to the USA, they have a laundry list of enemies right now.). placating them means handing over our freedoms, do you really think its a good idea to bring back korea fish?
Tsai has been standing up to the CCP also, of course shes more elegant than trump but the results are the same and are going to be because the CCP doesn’t respect diplomacy.


I never advocated placating them, just saying that using a little finesse would have made a huge difference.

Yeah. No we, don’t. You might think that. I might happen to think something else. In any case, you don’t uhm actually know that. Fucking leader of the free world and you think he’s an idiot. sher. Ego projection + internet = hilarity.


We’re in IP here, so I’m speaking from the international perspective. Some Americans may not understand, but more than half of them apparently do.


All of it?

Speak for yourself. No one else here knows you.