What have you done lately to piss off your SO?

I bought durian. I’ve been thinking of it for the past couple weeks, particularly when I walk past Welcom store and smell the odor wafting up the stairs. Yesterday I gave in to the temptation and bought some and, while I immediately put it in a bag in the freezer, my wife was complaining all of last night and this morning about the stench. :laughing:

I used to find it pretty vile myself, but I’ve been thinking anything that smells that nasty must be good for you. I had some this morning and will probably enjoy durian burps all day. :slight_smile:

How about you? What have you done to piss off your SO?

Didn’t lift the seat this morning :blush:

I didn’t have a 'plain white business envelope" this morning. All I had were ‘Airmail’ envelopes. Never mind that I used a sharpie and covered up the airmail/par avion stamp on them. She still didn’t think the red/blue hash marks around the edges were…“standard” and would be accepted for local mail here on the island.

RE: Durian - I love the stuff.
Take the creamy fruit out and mix it with ice & milk in the blender…DELICIOUS!
(a bit if sugar if needed - and you can then freezer this mix for really good ice cream)

logged on

Hmmm… Looks like I’m the only one that’s really in trouble.

Yesterday her mother brought two “aunties” to see the baby. Not knowing what to say to these ladies I kept myself to myself and sat in the study. At one point I went to the kitchen (passing through the living room) to make something to drink.

Mistake one: Apparently my perpetual scowl signalled to all that I was angry/unhappy, and my wife was told if I don’t want people at our house, “He can just say so…”

Then I needed to get ready for work, which is always a rush, took a shower and headed into the bedroom to change.

Mistake two: Apparently I “slammed” the door, thereby scaring the baby, and once again signalling my “unhappiness.”

When I came out of the bedroom my wife asked, “Ni zuo shen me?” Being in a hurry I said, “Going to work.” When I tried to kiss her good bye at the door I was given the cheek, and so I said bye to all the old ladies.

Damn, when I came home later I was in for an earful. Her mum called her at 5pm and 8pm to signal her displeasure, which was all then related to me via the wife.

Seems they want me to smile and at least chat a little with the women (strangers to me) they bring to see the baby. I don’t know, I can’t help the scowl, refuse to grin like an idiot for nothing and don’t know what to say to these women. Now I’m in the dog box…

I thought we had agreed that talking about poo was immature. :smiley:

Hats off to MT, another new way to slag off both the locals AND women, you have out done us all here. :bravo:

And don’t forget my slagging the putrescent durian. King of Fruits? Ha! A lowly jester at best.

But foul odors cannot foil true love. :dance:

And don’t forget my slagging the putrescent durian. King of Fruits? Ha! A lowly jester at best.

But foul odors cannot foil true love. :dance:[/quote]

Thats true, I stuck by MrsHill during the infamous tea-egg breach of 2002!

Bismark, my man does that too. He gets mad at me for being mad when I’m not mad. Makes me wish to go pen stabby.


I can think of 100 things I have done that would piss off a normal man. But my man has the patience of a saint. Although he did get pissed off at me the other day for forcing him to eat somewhere I didn’t want to eat.

Nag :stuck_out_tongue: My husband’s not too tidy, so when he comes home from work he likes to throw his socks and pants everywhere. When I come home from a hard day’s work, I’d get a little pissed seeing the apartment trashed by socks, pants, and coke cans. I’d start nagging and he’d think I’m being rediculous :stuck_out_tongue:

drunken nonsense deleted - sorry guys

He wanted to go to a late night movie. I agreed. Before the movie started I found out that I have to be up at 8:00. (2.5 hours from now) I asked if I could skip the movie and come home.
ww3 commenced.

He finds strands of my hair everywhere.

No, no, no. No passing the blame off on him. :no-no:

The correct way to phrase that would be, “I have been a very naughty girl. I have deliberately, gleefully, with malice aforethought and reckless disregard for the health and well-being of my family and others, allowed – nay, facilitated – the near apocalyptic disbursement of my hairs in virtually every nook and cranny of our living environment, despite full knowledge of the harm and suffering caused by my actions.”

Shame, shame.

I turned off my mobile phone and went to the pub. I’m not sure which offense was worse. But I wouldn’t enjoy the pub too much if she is calling me every 5 minutes to tell me I shouldn’t be there.

I’ve got you all beat.
I asked.
She told me to go away.
She pushed me away, told me I was so boring.
Asked again.
She relented.
Said, “Ok.” :smiley:

ok, not really po’ed, but the reaction was GREAT.

I don’t see no veedeo.

I’m writing that one down. We get into crap for going to the pub anyway, may as well turn the cell phone off and delay the thunderstorm on returing home… :bravo: