What I love from TW


I would like to act surprised. I used to be surprised when I heard stories or even when I’ve lost things like a wallet or a phone.

It’s just so common that people find lost and found items and try to return them to the rightful owner.

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Idk I never got my card back. My friend never got their headphones back. I’ve had people touch my scooter and bicycle. I don’t think people are better or worse here.

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I found a Mercedes car key one time. And I dropped it off at the nearest police station.

The police asked me if I tried to open the car.

No, but hell no.

Makes me think twice about turning found items in because I don’t want to be held responsible for something I did not do.

They did not ask my name or anything but if they did I probably would have tried to take the key back and walked out. Not that it matters because they have me on video walking into police station so could eventually locate me.


I’ve had a scooter and a motorcycle stolen over the years. I asked the police if there was any chance of them being recovered and they just laughed. Never saw them again.


This :arrow_up:
CCTVs are everywhere. It’s not so much honesty as doing a citizen’s duty. Once you begin to examine a lone bag/wallet/pocketbook on the street, you’re committed because you’re on camera.


Leaving phones on tables in busy public spaces such as mall food courts to reserve the seat while you go looking for food, and then coming back to an empty seat and safely waiting phone is above average

Maybe it is because there are a lot of cameras


Did you leave the keys in? Sometimes I’ve seen scooters with the keys in, just sitting parked

No, I still have the keys from both.

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I read it´s very common in Tw.

How about in your country? Where are you, by the way?

I lost one and got one back, along with a front seat ride of cop car to pick it up. Ah, Taichung in the 90s.

Impressive. Where I am, the cops are too busy keeping their crime stats low by refusing to take reports.

They stole my 2x bonuses of 60k twd. Embassy lied what documentations I need for marriage. Had to do another trip back to Germany

I really wonder how nation like Taiwanese is so dominant in semiconductor industry while society is so shady on many levels.


Ever been to Vietnam? My bro-in-law there. You’d think Taiwan was heaven for what you note above. He had to pay “black money” for marriage documents, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for that kind of money.


Yeah but Vietnam is communist so you expect that level of corruption since it’s basically a given in any communist society


Was that a recent case? I need to rethink my approach of purposely leaving the keys in the ignition because “I don’t want to bother looking for them and Taiwan is safe anyway”. My scooter and motorcycle are of zero value though so if someone stole them it would be more of an excuse to buy something better finally. I am leaving my car parked and running to keep the AC while I go shopping in 7 sometimes. Maybe that’s too much trust in the society here haha

Vietnam is not communist, and neither is China.

They’re both too successful to be Communist.