What if I want to post in Chinese on Forumosa?

Is it okay if I post in Chinese? I’m even asking if it’s allowed. I’m asking if it is acceptable to post in Chinese. I just like writing/post in Chinese or Japanese though for Chinese, I use Google Translator but I do make sure to double/triple check my translation.
Plus non-Chinese speakers can just use Translator to translate the Chinese posts.

If you want to post entirely in Chinese, there are a few threads for that, but they’re not particularly active.


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Check out booker white on the listening thread. Recommendation from my dad

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Booker smith was his return fire

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This is an English forum. Chinese contents without English explanations are not welcomed except for few threads in learning Chinese board.

Some people don’t like contents they cannot understand without translator are posted.


This may well be true, but as long as I’ve been around here there never was a policy like that. Quite the opposite, in fact. If we were ready to have German, Spanish, and French language forums, how could we not want posts in Chinese?

Mostly, it was that posting in Chinese was not encouraged (as opposed to actively discouraged). And the reason was simply because there werr no native Chinese speaking moderators.


But, I was said by tempogain not to post Chinese contents without English explanations. And, there are some posters who dislike Chinese contents without English explanations.

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We do not have moderators to review posts in Chinese. And we do not ask or expect our current moderators to do so.

Maybe it’s something we can talk about, especially if there is someone who would like to be such a moderator.

In the meantime, I can understand why Tempogain would have told you that. It’s a practical matter

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It sounded more like because some people who don’t read Chinese are distracted by posts they cannot understand without translator, not because mods cannot check the contents.

For some people, Chinese contents are better not being posted than being posted and translated by someone else later.

我可以。 請說。


这听起来像是我从 Reddit 上的 r/chongland 那里听到的一些东西。Lot of wierd inside jokes I didn’t understand

Oh god, not bandit characters


I followed that whole exchange and my opinion is that the fact that they were Coronavirus threads was also a factor. Everyone was scrambling for the latest information (some still are), and I can see how it would be frustrating for some to run across an article, etc. that seemed important, buy that they could not understand.

I personally wish you would continue sharing articles in Chinese, together with your great summaries in English.


Try this. It is far superior to Google translation. And 我也贊成用中文發文 or 日本語でもいいですよ。


I’m sure that will distract @lostinasia. I don’t want to be insisted to post with English repeatedly by the poster.

Oh FFS, this again?! Wasn’t this beaten to death several times already? All I asked was for A FEW words in English to explain what the article was. I strongly - and repeatedly - encouraged sharing Chinese-language articles. I think it’s great. Just tell us what the heck it is before we spend time opening it and finding a way to translate it.

Maybe it’s something the reader already knows.

But, oops, you’ve wasted their time by making them figure that out.

Maybe it’s information the reader doesn’t care about.

But, oops, you’ve wasted their time by making them figure that out.

If someone wants to spend time sharing information with a group that communicates mainly in English, surely it’s worth spending an extra thirty seconds to type “Information about vaccination rates in Tainan”, or “New COVID rules”, or whatever.

I believe my position matches @marasan’s above, emphasis added:

But I’m not even asking for a summary. All I’d like to see is an announcement of the topic.