What is required of company to get a work permit for foreigner?

Hey guys,

Does anyone know what is required of a local Taiwanese company in order for them
to get a work permit for a foreigner?

The company i am going to work for does not have a foreigner yet and i’ll be their first foreign staff.

I was hoping someone would enlighten me on what is required and how hard is it for them to get it?

(the company does not know where to start in order for this to happen)

thank you!

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Assuming you don’t have an exemption due to marriage, PR status or a working holiday visa (or one of the few other ways to get an exemption, which may soon include being a “special foreigner”), the answer varies depending on the kind of job.

Someone else will probably list the usual requirements soon (I’m too lazy). For a definitive answer, the company should ask the Workforce Development Agency.

Hi Newin

For you to prepare

a. A copy of passport’s first page (with photo and personal information)
b. Photocopy of diploma .(highest academic qualification)
c. 2” passport size photos.

Government will also need some documents from your company,
I had send you a private message, feel free to contact me if you have other questions.

In order to hire a Foreign “White Collar” Worker, a Taiwanese Company must have at least a paid up capital of 5 Million NTD (NT$5,000,000) and must show yearly profits of at least 1 Million NTD (NT$1,000,000). Also, the company must pay the Foreign worker more than twice the minimum wage (not too sure of the figure but I think it was around NT$47,971) and justify why a foreign worker is needed to do the job which cannot otherwise be done by a local.

The potential employee must have at least a College Degree and 2 years of relevant work experience in the field of work in which he/she is getting hired into. You don’t need to show work experience if you hold a Masters Degree or PhD.

These were the requirements needed when my Company hired me more than ten years ago…it could have changed somewhat but I doubt there would be much difference. For a definitive answer, ask your would-be employer to call the Workforce Development Agency (or whichever agency that’s in charge of issuing Work Permits) like yyy suggested. After all, it is the responsibility of your Employer to find out what’s needed to hire you and not vice versa.

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thank you guys for the replies!

I’ll get the company to call up the Workforce Development Agency and see what they say.

I’m not going to be “white collared” so to speak, will not be doing office work

The powers that be are now very willing to issue exemptions to all those requirements. So smaller companies can now hire foreigners without meeting those requirements, especially start-ups. Also I think its one mill in revenue not profit.

yea the company is a start up/new company and i hope it is as you say that they are willing to issue exemptions.

otherwise i have met all the other requirements in terms of education background and work experience

That’s very good news then…Taiwan should be more lenient when it comes to hiring foreigners especially for small business owners and start ups…and yes, you’re right…it is 1 million in revenue and not profit…I stand corrected.

When used by the government, white collar means any job covered by the Employment Service Act Art. 46 Par. 1 Subpar. 1 to 6.

Translation: there are two kinds of classification for foreigners working in Taiwan, either as white collar -engineer, salesperson, designer, teacher- and it refers to that mostly whitie performs this duty. The other is laborers, factory workers, construction workers, etc. mostly South East Asian.

You can be classified either as A or B. Not the same rights nor conditions. Practically indentured slavery to a bit more leeway regarding you at least get your salary in your bank acconunt and keep your passport.

They will still need to be transparent as to being up to date with their tax payments. That is usually a big no no with local companies.

Again, it is their responsibility, not yours. the work permit belongs to them and they lend it to you. They can take it away any time they want and they are under no obligation to inform you they did.

Please remember when you get an ARC that the date written on it is for reference. It does not mean it is valid up to that date. Your ARC being valid depends on your visa and your visa depends on your work permit which again, does not belong to you but to the company. Good luck.

Hello guys.
Is it possible to switch to white collar status while here in Taiwan?
If so, what does the MOL or NIA need from the company or what does the company needed to provide to NIA or MOL to process a work permit for white collared workers?

I was hoping there’s a way to change status without going back home and process everything again from scratch tho.


Call/visit NIA and ask. But, pretty sure there is no other way. Sorry man, the policy sucks. Congrats on getting a new job though.

its not a new job tho. Just that my employer open up the opportunity if we can switch to white collar.
I check on NIA site stating "BLUE COLLAR residing currently in taiwan CANNOT switch to white collar visa.

yeah it sucks…
If there’s no hope then Ill just ask the company to process the work permit while’s still here and give it to me once ready so I can just return to my country and make the process a little faster since I already have the permit approved by MOL.

did you check on boca site? visa and arc are different. when you change your arc, you don’t need a visa. boca site says the same thing on marriage visa, but i read on this forum that some migrant workers could change their blue collar arc to marriage arc without leaving, or at least they were said they could do so by nia officials.

it is very possible that you cannot change your arc to white collar arc without leaving due to other reasons, but you could actually ask to NIA, instead of just checking the site.

you can check what they should submit to MOL for your new arc here. you may need to give them some documents authenticated by TECO.


HI thanks for the inputs.

Sadly, Im not getting married here tho (LMAO).
I have ask TECO what they needed for a white collar visa,
They only said a few personal documents but more importantly, the work permit issued by Taiwan by MOL.
I’ve informed my boss already and forwarded the query to the one in charge see what happen next.

my point is to switch from blue collar arc to white collar visa and to white collar arc are different. you cannot switch from blue collar arc to marriage visa but to marriage arc seems possible. the same might be for work arc.

you once terminate your current contract, go back home, and get a new visa may be the simplest way, though.

Hi, can you give me a link on this one? I’ve been trying to search for it the whole day and I cannot find the 1M revenue requirement. I saw something like 10M in revenue. Did they increase the minimum requirement? Thanks.

@CM_0214 Whooppsss! Sorry, that was definitely a typo…dunno how a zero got omitted :rofl:.
A company that was setup less than a year ago must show revenue of at least 10M (NT$10,000,000). If a company has passed the 1 year mark, then it must show a 10M revenue in the past year or an average of 10M in the last 3 years.

Source: 企業徵才、徵人、求才、招募人才 | 104招募管理