What is the law on walking your dog on a leash?

Recently, some miserable old folk told me I should put my dog on a leash at the park when we playing chase-the-stick, but I courtesly declined to do so. They told me the law is you have to put dogs on a leash in public places, including parks, which seems… unlikely given how many people walk their dogs off leash and the impossibility of a dog getting enough exercise if its kept on a leash.

What’s the law?

Yes you should, it’s the law. But (almost) no one cares.

You sound like a lovely fellow!

Correct, that’s the law!

That’s why there are designated dog parks.


Well, I mean, if you’re the kind of person who sees a dog happily playing with his owner not bothering any other soul and you feel the need to put a stop to that, I’d say ‘miserable’ is an apt description.


Play with your dog somewhere else if you want a quiet life. If you enjoy avoidable stress continue with what you are doing.

We all know taiwan is big on the enforcement of laws. Stay safe out there. I heard about this laowai having to aploigize for throwing a banana peel out of a moving car. Can you imagine someone committing such a horrendous crime in Taiwan.


Tell them to piss off.

I got two dogs and if they cause a nuisance I will put them on the leash, but if they don’t and someone still complain tell them to piss off

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You need to look at it this way, it’s not what your dog will do to other dogs or people, it’s what other dogs and traffic can do to your dog!

Yeah just wait until your dog scares the child of someone with connections. Public youtube apology and Apple Daily article. :smile:


If I was in that situation I would not apologise.

But if I somehow was forced to do it, I would make sure it was in the way of one of those Chinese forced confessions that are over the top so everyone knows it’s fake

Animal Protection Act

"Article 20

20.1 A pet in a public place or venue with public access must have human company over seven years of age.
20.2 An aggressive pet showing up in a public place or venue with public access must have adult human company who shall take precaution to protect the public.
20.3 The central competent authority shall specify and declare the breed names of aggressive pets and relevant precaution to be taken in public space."

the breed names of aggressive pets and relevant precaution to be taken in public space

I pray that I end up on the news. I have a lot of anti-Taiwan rants to get off my chest.

I hope I run into that dr hedy gal.

I throw my trash in the middle of the streets like some autastic retard just hoping someone films me and puts me on blast. The other day I stopped traffic by throwing a bunch of cardboard in the middle of the road… still nothing

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This doesn’t say the dog needs to be on leash, or is that what the above means in practice ?

The law says just aggressive dogs need to be leashed.

Each city can set its own laws on park.

Taipei City Park Management Ordinance

Article 13

9.Bringing in pets or other animals without appropriate protective measures.

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Well, what instead of looking at the “Animal Welfare act” we check the Taipei City Park Management Ordinance

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I have 3 dogs and they never go off leash.

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Protective measures I guess could be a muzzle, or for a fat dog the ability to run faster than him and catch him etc

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I am grateful for that law as many dogs here are not well socialized…including my own Bobby when he was younger. He bit at least 6 neighbors. In the US he would have been put down. In the old country I would have been fined a bundle and probably he could have been put down. Here in Taiwan thank goodness it was a matter of a lot of paiseis and cakes and cookies in compensation. And for quite a while he went muzzled on his walks.

Given the traffic and general pet care I favor leash strolls. Leave games for the safety of dog parks. But that is my opinion.

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I have two dogs that I always leash. Sorry, I don’t care how fun your dogs are. I don’t know you or your dogs. I’ve had 2 incidents where unleashed dogs attacked and bit my dogs. If I wasn’t worried about my dogs I would have literally beat him to a pulp (the owner) for their Irresponsibility. It’s common courtesy, I don’t know your dogs and what they can react aggressively to.

Take them to a dog park. Don’t be a douche and pretend your dogs are special little angels who can’t possibly become aggressive under certain circumstances.


The really scary thing is that they go for children too.

the owner be like: don’t mind him, he’s ‘harmless’

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