What is the price of meat per kg in Taiwan

Hello just trying to find out the price of Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Beef, and Pork per kg in NT$. Any help?



Did you ask a store clerk?

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The government provides the average price of produce sold in wet markets. I know the numbers you are looking for are available. Unfortunately I don’t know where.

Not everyone joins Forumosa after they arrive in Taiwan

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It’s going to be somewhere on here:

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According to this website, high quality local mutton is around 80 NTD per kilo while trading, and probably over 90 NTD per kilo in the markets. I think all lambs are going to be imported, and they are at least 170 NTD per kilo and probably over 200 in the markets.

For pork it’s around 90 NTD per kilo while trading, and probably near 100 NTD in the markets.

For local beef, it’s around 155 NTD per kilo while trading, and probably near 180 in the markets. However, local beef are very rare, and usually go straight to restaurants that specializes in local beef cuisines, so usually you only would see imported beef in the markets. Wagyu would be the most expensive, Aotearoa and Australian next, and US imports would be the cheapest. However, with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there seems to be a global feed shortage, so the prices are only going to get even higher. So far, US imported beef seems to be around 400 NTD per kilo in the markets.


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Which cuts are you interested in? The per lb price of beef short ribs is substantially higher than that of beef fingers.

Go to Coscto some US beef is NT$2400 or more a kilo…

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What’s a wet market?

Costco doesn’t always list the prices and weight on their website…

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Government has wholesale price for it, but you’ll never buy it for anywhere near that cheap.

Expect to pay at least double or more than what the government published price is.

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Do you mean this? This is the famous wagyu beef. It’s japanese, not us.

But I do agree price per kg on some of them are insane, but they’re USDA prime stuff.

Did you look at the wrong column? Mutton is around 400 NTD per kilo…

Thank you, where at the wet market? Cuz there’s nothing on Costco or Carrefour.



Mutton, lamb, and veal will be harder to find

Wet markets don’t have websites.

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Carrefour is like a really bad place to buy meat, they’re like really marked up compared to wet market. Problem with wet market is they’re only open like from 6am to about 1pm.

Do you think parts of Carrefour Taiwan are just a glammed up wet market? A lot of the same old products, just in fancy packaging. The difference being the people walking around at Carrefour don’t give a hoot whether you buy or not.