What just happened? Everything is different

Everything on forumosa looks weird. Everything is smaller, there are tips everywhere and there was some random sentence about a basketball player at the end of every thread. The last one is gone, but was the server finally moved or something? Can we get the size back to normal? Some of us have old eyes.

What browser and operating system are you using? The smaller font should be contained in the text ad

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For what it’s worth, I am finding the Tips and Wisdom text distracting. So far there has been only one tip that I’ve found useful (pressing ? brings up keyboard shortcuts in discourse).

It’s very early, though. My annoyance is likely to pass once I get used to it.

I haven’t noticed any other changes.

eta: Just noticed a Tip about enrolling in STEP for US citizens. I think that’s a great link. My annoyance is now like 99% gone. :grin:

eta 2: now I know how @Hanna feels about dwelling on past panic attacks, I can’t seem to stop watching for the next dang tip. :crazy_face:

Flob’s swallowed the Little Book of Calm.


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Do you have the courage to love someone deeply?

This, to me, is key.

Of course, but Press G then H to jump back to your first page.

I’m rarely up this early. Do you guys sleep?

Getting prepared for another trip to the States, so sleeping during the day. Need to hit the ground running.

East to west is no problem for me. The reverse is a nightmare.

The US east coast is exactly 12 hours behind Taiwan. Lucky you.

That must be a shocker.

Definitely helps to prepare ahead of time in Taiwan. For me it’s the difference between a 24-48 hour adaptation and one that lasts a week. Or longer.

I find the TIPS annoying, but I can tolerate them if they’re at the top or bottom of a thread.

In between posts like this is really distracting though.

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I agree. It’s as if discourse is offering advice when TIPS show up between responses in any thread.

The end result may be that it’s all ignored by the user, and hence no real difference achieved.

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Some of the advice is downright dangerous. Teddy Roosevelt saying that the wrong decision is better than no decision. Try that one when crossing the road.


I can understand why he said that. Roosevelt made a LOT of wrong decisions.

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He ranks quite high.


i just got eduficated on Ponca Chief White Eagle

Just pointing out that, just as the onset of your panic attacks seem to be affected by an obsession of thoughts of previous panic attacks, so my thoughts about the new Tips/Advice are affected by the constant top-page displays. That relation is not exactly solid, I admit (especially the “obsession” on your part).

Could be a mistaken assumption on my part. I actually thought it could help your situation, but if it doesn’t then I’m very sorry.