What movie are you watching now? (The movie blog)

I’m watching a Scandanavian movie at the moment. I think it mght be Swedish. It’s about two girls with fecund imaginations. It’s a little difficult to follow because the subtitles are in Chinese, but a lot of it is self-evident.
The younger girls keeps on saying “Kapets?”
There is a crocodile involved.
They picked up horse dung to feed it (I think).
It’s on channel 13 in Hsinchu county.
If you know more, tell me about it, please.

Just checked it, and that is indeed some weirdo movie. Anyway, I suggest you give up and turn to CINEMAX instead. Pterodactyl is on, featuring COOLIO! imdb.com/title/tt0452668/

The movie has just finished. I’m watching the cinemax one right now.

I just saw the British doomsday film 28 Days Later. What a disappointment - the biggest cinematic waste of my time since Moulin Rouge.

Yeserday I watched The Night of the Living Dead for the first time (except for a short piece I saw before and misunderstood it to be a movie about racism in the South). This morning I saw a modern incarnation of the same movie. I forgot thename, but it had a mutant twist to it.

Edit: The movie is called Resident Evil.
erzaweb.com/FDP/Milla%20Jovo … 20Evil.jpg

I’m watching a good documentary about the dog’s place in Chinese history on Animal Planet.

The Lifeboat. Hitchcock. 1944.

Shaun of the Dead on HBO

Me too. They’re shooting like mad.

Ordinary Decent Criminal starring Bobepine. Not bad, except there was no warning about the sudden and rather OTT gore.

The Wiz.

I’m watching the videos I shot at the Pingxi Lantern Festival. Very cool.

I’m watching passion of the Christ. Aside from:

  1. The one dimensional characters.

  2. Numerous, and significant, historical inaccuracies.

  3. Gratuitous, prolonged extreme violence.

  4. Intentionaly negative mischaracterization of Jewish people.

its really quite a treat.

2006? Wow.
Anyways watched NINE LIVES tonight. Well worth watching fun movie. Kid watchable.

Watched the Bourne movie the other day. Was ok. Kinda of bored with the Bourne movies now.

Just watched “A Perfect Day.” Very good if you’re a cynic, like me:

Wolf totem… ChineseFrench production set during cultural revolution in Inner Mongolia. If you like wolves and wide open spaces it’s a great choice.

Sing street is a musical by the same director as Once and in some ways better!

JubaFeb '06
I just saw the British doomsday film 28 Days Later. What a disappointment - the biggest cinematic waste of my time since Moulin Rouge.

Saw SNOWDEN and SULLY recently . Both were OK.

Come on Tommy, you can do better than this. Give us the run-down, or shut-up.

How many stars 1-5?

Did you see them on IMAX or download from The Piratebay?

Give it up man!

Saw on the big screen
Both are fairly dry movie subjects
Think it was hard to have much of any suspense since we know all about them already

On that respect both movies were at least mildly entertaining

On a scale of bad to notable as far as movies go they were both fives going from one to ten

Watchable but not notable