What movie are you watching now? (The movie blog)

That’s a nice review Tommy. I think I’ll skip both those movies. That saves about 4 hours of my life.

I think they are worth watching on a lazy afternoon when you don’t have anything else to do

Snowden was decent, it gave me a different perspective and made me dig deeper into the issue.

Anyone going to watch the Great Wall starring Damon when it comes out?

Look, I love Andy Lau. I am NOT watching that, until it comes down on TV.

Tunnel. I want to see more Korean fare on local screens.

Oh and the second part of the Japanese midnight diner series. That was so heartwarming.

I am facing enough trepidation with See you tomorrow -AKA The Ferryman. Taiwanese audiences are turned off by the “Mainland feel” of the movie. And yes, even with Wong Kar/wai’s signature cinematography, it feels… odd, but that piece about office workers with Sylvia Chang and Chow Yun-fat -a musical, set in a Chinese office setting- was also an initial yuck and it was actually pretty good, so I hope I may be wrong. For Takeshi Kaneshiro’s sake.

The one we all shouldn’t miss is Silence, by Martin Scorcese. Not only because it was filmed in Taiwan. It smells good. Quality stuff. It was shot in 35mm, for Cecil B. DeMille’s sake.


Speaking of Scorsese’s film:

Saw See you tomorrow AKA The Ferryman. It was mostly funny and enjoyable. They did try too hard to make the slapstick stick, plus you do feel the inexperience of the director, but the story is solid and entertaining. Me and the rest of the audience did laugh and that is the point of a comedy. Of course photography was impecable.

I think ther eis a lot of criticism because people expect another 2046, but this is not a Wong Kar Wai film. He is a producer and consultant. This is not an epic like Grandmaster nor a stab to the heart like In the mood for love. Overall, it is a comedy. It aims to be light and fun. This director put his own buding style in. And the actors are playing complex, interesting characters, that have a quirky, poignant reveal.

Personally, I am quite happy that my favorite actor, Mr. Takeshi Kaneshiro, is not playing a character that dies horribly, say pummeled to death then strangled, dismembered by horses and skinned and/or stabbed and drowned in icy waters.

I don’t enjoy watching movies much these days but I watched all entire first season of Westworld and it’s the biggest overhyped crapola ever. I don’t know why sensible people are raging about it so much. It’s absolutely pointless and useless.

Grease followed by Back to the Future on Cinemax. A good day to be a bit sick.

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Bite your freaking tongue.

I did lose interest inside of a few episodes of the second season though.

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Hit Me Anyone One More Time (2019) - Japanese comedy. Man wakes up with amnesia to find out he’s the worst prime minister of all time.

Tazza: One-Eyed Jacks (2019) - Korean crime film. Poker player joins a team of swindlers to pull off a con.

Only got to watch these thanks to EVA.

The last of the Mohicans (1992).