What TV shows are you watching? (2023)


I’m still going through the X Files. Got a bit bored of it and took a break, season 6 was especially a slog with a lot of the UFO mythology. Season 7 goes back to the classic format and 7.8 was nicely whimsical

How’s Peaky Blinders @jdsmith? I was thinking of giving it the old college try earlier today

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I’m starting season two. The fix is in, but if they up the ante each season it’ll get old faster.


This episode was my first exposure to X-Files and gave me nightmares as a kid. It’s the one where they’re in the forest and the trees are filled with those green, glowing cannibalizing insects.

It might be tame by today’s standards, but X-Files episodes really kept me on the edge of my seat, especially when I was 10, 11, 12… I still think the best way any show has ever hidden an actress’s pregnancy was when they had Scully abducted.
I checked out around season 4 or 5. I thought there was a noticeable decline in quality around that time; it was still good, but not exceptional anymore. I did watch some of the revival episodes from the late 2010s. There were a couple decent episodes, but overall it seemed a bit pointless as most show revivals cashing in on nostalgia have been.


Yes don’t. Mandalorian is entertaining enough and worth a watch. ObiWan has a lot of fluff and some good scenes. But nothing at all touches on Andor quality, too crap writing and plotting.

The first time I turned the channel to XF it was an alien capture episode. For about five full seconds I thought it was a 60-minutes investigative special report. And I was in my 20s! Lol

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We started last week.
On 4th episode or so.
Feels like the storylines are getting predictable.
Plus, don’t like random non-time era music like electric guitars, etc.

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Yep, I feel that way after 4 episodes.
Kind of like Yellowstone. Liked first season and most of second. Stopped then as just got stupid.
These era series (if not historical like Crown) should stick at most to 3 seasons.
Btw, boys and I like Crown a lot, as plotline follows history. At where Charles hitting on Camilla. Anne screwing Parker.

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I found the first few seasons really stylish and immersive, but then it just became lazy copypasta writing, each season looking like “there’s this overwhelmingly powerful antagonist, he wrecks havoc on the Peaky Blinders plans, on the last episode he’s about to annihilate them but plot twist! They manage to kill the antagonist by poisoning his tea / bombing his car / buying his men.” (not the actual plot, you’re safe from spoilers)

Last season I found plain boring and the twists getting old and cheap.

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Yeah I’m seeing that already in season two. Sam Neil is vicious.

Apple TV+
It is based on the book. A definite must read.

Yeah, that was a great story. Is the series available now, have you started it?

I’m indecisive and don’t have much free time. If I only start one new show this month, what should it be? I’m leaning towards one of these three.

  • White Lotus
  • Succession
  • Yellowstone
  • Other (explain in comments)

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The first season or three of Yellowstone are good.

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1st episode so far

Tried to watch some show called Abbott elementary but it was insufferable. Feels like the quality of comedy in particular has really taken a nose dive in recent years.

I’m on episode 3 of Guillermo del Toro cabinet of curiosity. I liked the first two episodes but the third one isnt quite as good in my opinion, not Bad but definitely a bit weaker.

Finished Andor recently and thought it was really great

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Seems like one of those “message” shows that’s more about making a point than actual comedy. A lot of those the last few years. Wokeness and agenda setting rarely leads to laughs.

One of my favorite shows of the past year. And I generally don’t even like Star Wars!

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I didn’t see the appeal of white lotus, but I managed to finish the first season. I kept waiting for it to get good but it never really did in my personal opinion.

Id reccomend Andor. Might as well not be StarWars as the references and influence is pretty light. I think it would have been even more improved if they just took StarWars stuff out and kept the story the same (turn it into an independent sci Fi franchise)

Ah sorry wrote this before I saw your reply!

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The new series of Death in Paradise has started. Not really sure Ive bonded with this new cast. The Madame Blanche mysteries have returned, and after a dreadful Christmas episode things have perked up. Father Brown is also back (minus Bunty :cry:) and Taskmaster is back soon. A pretty decent bit of telly.

Then Barbara met Alan is a wonderful story about disability rights. Glorious. A must see.

The Last of Us, Season 1, Episode 1 aired on HBO Max yesterday.

Cant find it available to stream on any service within Taiwan. Geoblocked. Would rather not do VPN.

The 1st episode got good reviews. Said it is a rare game to TV show that actually is good and works.

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