What movie traumatized you as a kid?

For me, it was The Exorcist and Dawn of the Dead. Both freaked the shit out of me.

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Arachnophobia. It made me fear spiders, especially large ones.

Isn’t that a comedy? :thinking:

Carpenter’s The Thing when I was 5 desensitized me to everything.


That’s a great one, but I saw it in my teens so not too traumatizing.

My parents let me watch so many movies and shows I shouldn’t have watched. I can’t even pinpoint one movie. All I can remember is having night terrors all the time for years and then, eventually, realizing I feared nothing.

Except bad filmmaking. And the return of my night terrors. I still remember them…that’s how scary they were.


Yeah, that’s a problem. We had Creature Features on TV Saturday at midnight, and that’s where I saw Dawn of the Dead. I was like six or seven…not quite ready for stuff like that.


I used to have nightmares about that movie

Didn’t have nightmares, but the Wicked Witch did freak me out a little. Great acting.


Me too. Margaret Mitchell (the witch) scared the crap out of me in every scene.


Yes. The intensity she brought to that performance was something else.

My dad said when he was little and went to see Bambi in theaters, every kid in the audience was bawling at the mother’s death.

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For me, this one was worse…

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I’m not sure if it was due to my age. I was used to watch plenty of horror/sci-fi movies even as a young kid, but for some reason the kennel scene destroyed me.

It’s not that I started screaming or didn’t sleep for days or whatever, but from that day I don’t recall ever being genuinely scared by any movie scene.


Oh man that’s an oldie for sure.

Probably my first time seeing porn. Was scared shitless that somehow my mother would just know that I watched something naughty and I’d get the belt for it.

Catholic guilt too. I just knew that I was going to hell.


This could really mess a person up psychologically speaking. :grin:

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You know mothers. They always know somehow someway that you were up to no good.

For me having hippie parents it was kind of the opposite problem. I got the sex talk when I was in like the sixth grade. The talk ended with mom telling me that if I ever needed condoms or anything just let her know. I felt like jumping out the window and running away. :open_mouth:


I wasn’t quite a kid… like 18, but ‘In the Bedroom’ left an impression and almost 20 years later I still remember it clearly (I can’t even say that about films I saw last month) and have no desire to ever see it again. It’s completely soul crushing.

For more traditional or supernatural horror, the original ‘The Amityville Horror’ or ‘The Exorcist.’