What Movies Are You Watching? —2017—


This looks interesting:


The Apartment with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine.

I’d seen parts of it in college, but finally got to finish the film last night. What struck me most was how modern it felt.

What a great movie. If you haven’t seen it before, check it out. If it’s been a while since you have, time for a revisit.

Highly recommended.


Has anyone in Taiwan gone to see the new film Dunkirk?
If so, were the French and German speaking parts subtitled in English?

I have had the experience of seeing films in Taiwan and the non English parts have been subtitled in English and some have not (which resulted in me walking out and downloading it).



I didn’t hear any. I can’t ruin it without any spoilers, but, if you’re expecting a typical action/war movie this isn’t it. The movie is centered around British forces leaving after an engagement, and focuses more on the civilians that helped rescue troops. Everything I recall was in English.


I shall provide a spoiler - it is freaking brilliant.

There is a bit of French dialogue, but there is no need for it to be subtitled.


Very bad movie. I went to Imax to watch it and my girlfriend walked out. I stayed but it was not fun. The popcorn was better


No English subs. But it’s not necessary I think, there is very little dialogue. This movie works differently.

No German language whatsoever either due to no German soldiers being shown in the movie, and only a few seconds French in the beginning.

I don’t think it’s brilliant or even very good, but still didn’t regret watching. Simply shows very powerfully how frightened and powerless soldiers feel in a lost battle.


So was the movie a victory or a defeat? So to speak. IS it worth paying five bucks to see or ten bucks or not at all.


Since the original poster already received his answer, and is already set on viewing it. I have been meaning to post a review (without spoilers) since the first response.

Foremost, it’s a Christopher Nolan film, he doesn’t make mistakes. This is the same man behind the Dark Knight trilogy and Interstellar. With that knowledge, the title, and action packed advertisements it’s pretty obvious what most viewers expected.

Expectations were far different from reality with this film, it plays more like a documentary than action film. That’s not necessarily a negative thing, it gives real perspective into one day at Dunkirk. Anyone that has never served in an operational theater, most troops don’t get the “big picture,” they just see one piece of the entire puzzle.

This film lets you see one entire day from the land, air, and sea (in that order). Now, the reason I didn’t find it interesting is because… The film is called Dunkirk, a battle wherein over 100,000 were killed or captured. Just on the allied side alone. But don’t expect to see much of that, this film was centered around the evacuation. As the film ends it feels like a second half is about to begin.

I’m not dismissing the film, it’s brilliantly done and has a very proud British feel from start to finish. Even a veteran that from this battle* said it felt like he was there. It’s just my opinion that if they made a film 70 years from now about an entire day fighting in Southern Helmand, even with a view from our air assets, intel officers, allied troops, adjacent companies, etc. it would still be a boring film for most.

  • Here’s the article about the veteran I mentioned.


watched the Minions movie. Ok , standard minions stuff. Mild entertainment.


Saw Atomic Blond at an AMC theatre in Antioch. OMG, no wonder they charge 6.75 all day , any day over there. The design of the complex is good. But it must be over dog’s years old. The carpet is so disgusting you could imagine yourself in a swamp. The fabric of the seats must harbour gadzillion germs per inch. Even the air smelled like ol’ swampy. I shall NOT venture forth to that place no more. And Antioch at 10pm showing going onto past midnight is NOT the safest. No wonder they go armed security inside and outside the place. Antioch is where they have had some unsolved freeway shootings as well. A bit dicey to say the least to save a few bucks over the standard 11.75 over in a decent theatre in a decent town.

Nuff of that. The movie? I say< i am really really tired of all the special effects in movies these days. Bang Boom Smash em ups. I honestly felt myself snore more then once.

I have had enough of a movie making it just because of special effects. It’s all of a sameness.

Where is plot, where is the brilliant acting? Where is the realism (i mean the Real realism, not the smash em up virtual reality that makes zero sense).

MOvies these days SUCK. Let’s face it.
Charlize Theron has cute small titties, ok we get it.
Where is the dang plot. How come the movie is so convoluted you have to watch many times to even know who is what, what is who.

This movie doesn’t suck more then others, but it generally sucks.

Avoid, unless you want to pay to see a glimpse of Theron titties.


And…there’s the tagline! I think you may be in the wrong profession, Tommy. :sunglasses:


The Jungle Book (2016) was on TV this weekend and to my surprise, it was very good.

It had been a long time since I watched the animated version, so I kind of forgot what the story was about. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing CGI and the story.

I liked it better than the Beauty and the Beast reboot.

Surprised to see that it doesn’t have the greatest ratings on IMDB.


The Jungle Book reboot’s lack of suck surprised a lot of people (95% on rotten tomatoes). I’m not mad at it.

What I’m really anxious for is The Lion King.

Oh boy if they screw that one up.

Pitchforks are coming out.

Please don’t suck.


I watched this randomly last month.
I was also struck by how modern it felt. Great recommendation .


Well, pitchforks are all out in force with Aladdin. I really hope they do not touch Mulan…or then it’s curtains. That one is either way a lose/lose proposal, whether they give the project to a Chinese production company or worse, they try making it in the US… Ayioo.

I actually see less potential for a disaster in The Lion KIng. Lots of CGI, no humans, no conflicts.


Re Aladdin: Robin Williams, man. BIG shoes to fill for Will Smith.

I mean, the jungle book’s cg clearly wasn’t horrible, but since when did more cg = better? (Answer: since never)

Even for Star Wars, the ultimate visual effects trailblazer, the filmmakers of episodes 7 and 8 insisted as many practical, in camera effects and built as many physical sets as they could.

Wow, can’t believe you said that. Sacrilege.

P.S. “No humans, no conflicts”? Have you seen the movie? BOY was there some good, epic, Shakespearean drama if there ever was one.


Ehem, racial conflicts. I was talking about Mulan. Imagine 1 billion pissed off Chinese…

Beauty and the Beast had the charm, for instance, of being a frame by frame recreation of the animated movie. How will they do that with Mulan’s physical comedy…even Jacky Chan can’t design a plan for that. CGI can’t help you there.


BIG doesn’t even begin to describe the shoes he has to fill.

Do you think it was because it was one of those half forgotten Disney movies that people forgot what the actual story was?

When I think of Disney animated movies (and if you gave me 5 seconds to think of 3 titles) I automatically pick Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and Mulan.

A few other forgotten Disney animated movies (that were some of my childhood favs)

  • Rescuers Down Under
  • The Great Mouse Detective Sherlock Holmes
  • Robin Hood

Sidenote: I’ve decided to skip Spiderman and watch it when it comes out on DVD.


Will Smith is no Eddie Murphy. Eddie could pull it off, being a comedian and one that can play many roles at the same time. Will…plays himself in most movies and I do not see the Bad Boys cop playing the Genie.

But then, maybe, he could surprise us like Ben Affleck as Batman, which was quite decent.