What Movies Are You Watching? —2017—


I can’t watch Land Before Time anymore. Too depressing to see Ducky.


When two becomes one. Pretty sure that’s a Spice Girls song, just don’t ask me how I know :sweat_smile:


Being here for 4 years has really put a toll on my grammar.

I barely even realized it.

I now want to know how you know that was a song.


Jensen Ackles voiced the Red Hood. :heart_eyes:


I first realized it when my friend caught me describing the wind as “big”. :doh:


What’s wrong with big wind? It was good enough for Hemingway.

“In the morning there was a big wind blowing and the waves were running high up on the beach and he was awake a long time before he remembered that his heart was broken.”


Ultimately, both films were Disney production, so no one was gonna die (apart from the old grandma) and there was gonna be a happy ending, so I guess they were both predictable in that sense. As far as unpredictability and anti-formula goes, Studio Ghibli wins by a landslide. That’s just not Disney’s forte.

Moana was even more predictable to me as it was an obvious heroine story. She was gonna meet obstacles on her way, but in the end she was going to make it. And yes the chicken was just bad sidekick. Zootopia also had a heroine plotline, but I find it funnier, and the message it had was really contemporary, which I really enjoyed.


I finally got around to Spider-man: Homecoming and it was a lot of fun and definitely a bit of a different vibe, especially coming out of the MCU.

At first Peter was a bit annoying, but I noticed that the actor (in which his actual name is eluding me atm) is doing a great job of portraying a 14 year old kid and his emotions of being an Avenger…in high school.

The subtle hints at how hot Melissa Tomei is as Aunt May are pretty hilarious.

I almost wish I hadn’t skipped this one in the theater, but I’ll be sure not to miss the next one.


Why do you keep baiting criticism for Zootopia? It did steal an Oscar, but it’s obvious I’ve said my piece and, as mentioned, I actually enjoyed that movie.

You answered your own problem. Let’s not pretend Disney will ever release a cartoon where the protagonist — be it human princess or rabbit cop — fails and dies.

But then again, this is basically hero’s journey. I mean, Luke Skywalker, Indy, Batman, Spider-Man, James Bond, etc, etc.

That’s why Moana stands as a classic and will prevail the test of time. If we’re being brutally honest, Zootopia frankly tried too hard to be “hip” and “relevant”, which is the very reason why it risks diminishing returns for every new generation of kids.


I’m not sure they’re at all subtle.


If Zootopia stole that Oscar from anyone, it was The Red Turtle.


Ok fine…not subtle at all.

Both end credit scenes are the best I’ve seen for awhile.





Have you seen guardians 2 & Thor?


I noticed that’s pretty cheap in the Canada iTunes store right now - is it worth getting?


You really asking me these questions?

Ok fine, I skipped Spider-man, so it’s likely, but no, I watched both of those.

Thor’s first credit scene, important, moved the plot, the final one at the end…“what?”

Guardians…I honestly forgot what they were, but you can’t blame me, there’s…5?


I think it’s really good so yes.


Ok thanks. I believe it’s one of those films like what you wrote about earlier: I read glowing reviews, and wanted to see it, but it never showed up in Taiwan, or by the time it did either my enthusiasm had waned, or I’d forgotten about it entirely. (This happens to me A LOT in Taiwan!)


So there may be a director’s version released of Justice League. Honestly, I prefer they keep it simple.

OTOH, if they do Flashpoint and bring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, oh boy!!!


:sleeping::sleeping::sleeping: superhero movies