What Movies Are You Watching —2018—



You obviously do not appreciate his shirtless scenes.


Avengers 3

Good for it’s genre

Stupid genre though


If anyone wants to start a spoiler discussion on the Avengers, feel free to make a new topic!



Him being shirtless is not that hot


Chest rug!


Chris evans shirtless on the other hand…



No hair. :cry:


I prefer Hemsworth.


Not enough hair.


Only one way to go these days, hairless below the neck.




Eh we were talking about movies, right? I got some Sean Connery, Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck if that helps.


There, fixed it for you.




Oh yes


I finally got around to watching War for the Planet of the Apes yesterday. Very good movie with amazing CGI. Those damn dirty apes look incredible! I’ve had it on blu-ray for a while but been avoiding it just because it was 2 hours and 20 minutes long. Turns out, it’s well worth the run time. It’s still a good chunk of time for me to carve out.


Finally watched I, Tonya. Excellent acting by Margot Robbie. She should’ve won the best actress Oscar. McDormand wasn’t bad in Three Billboards, but the role wasn’t much of a challenge for her at all.


I liked her in Tarzan and also in Suicide Squad.


She just needs to be a tad more selective in choosing roles. :sunglasses:


Well SQ was a gamble, Tarzan put food on the table kind of role. She is a good actress and hopefully better roles will come along, though these days it is better for that to be your own producer.