What Movies Are You Watching —2018—

New year. New thread. New movies.

Most critics are bashing Bright (IMDB 6.6/10), but I think it was decent.

I mean who doesn’t know the basic lore about Orcs, Elves, etc. to be able to follow the movie? If you never heard of that, then the movie is not for you.
They do not explain in detail how it came to that situation on ‘earth’, but that is not necessary. IMHO


I agree with you. I enjoyed Bright.
I think not telling the backstory was smart. That keeps it open for future movies to explain the back story or continue forward.
But it got murdered by critics so I doubt Netflix will continue it. Sad.

I had no idea there was some orc/elf science fiction involved in it. I think I’ll give it a try.

I am a life-long scifi/fantasy fan, but this movie was BAD. The buddy-cop flick, where they do/don’t like each other is overdone, but can still be done well. This one was NOT!

Poor dialogue, wooden acting, the McGuffin of the magic wand, which gets found very early, and the BIG REVEAL about Will Smith’s character. , which should leave you …bored at best, disappointed more likely.

And the scene where the Orcs cheer for the cop Orc, and Will Smith’s dialogue, “Look…”

Just AWFUL, don’t waste your time. Due to being bought by IMG, there was even a marketing tie-in with the UFC, where the Orc cop becomes a UFC fighter. Even dumber than this flick.

However to those who liked it, WHAT did you like about it?

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Wife and I watched The Big Sick last night. A really good movie, I thought, and my wife agreed. I’ve followed Judd Apatow’s stuff since Freaks and Geeks was on NBC nearly 20 years ago.

Emily’s parents (Holly Hunter and Ray Romano) were really well done, struck me as very authentic anyway. Authentically flawed American marriage that was very well sketched out by both actors, that is.

Kumail’s parents were also very well done, I thought.

Kumail’s father was portrayed by the (very) famous Indian actor Anupam Kher, who incidentally portrayed Dr. Cliff Patel, the psychiatrist in David O. Russell’s terrific, modern screwball comedy Silver Linings Playbook from 2012. Kher is much more famous in Britain, but that makes two memorable acting efforts in two of the best American films of the past five years.

Anyway, I really liked it.

  1. It was free. (well, at least it did not cost me a movie ticket)
  2. It was just a fun “different” movie. Sure the cop thing has been done to death, but with fantasy creatures? Come on man, relax and enjoy! Not every movie needs to be 100% original to enjoy.
  3. I liked the acting. I think it was not too heavy. A bit cliche or cheesy, yeah. But it was just a flick for fun.
  4. I like the idea the alternate reality the writers created, with the Orcs, elves and others living side by side with humans for thousands of years. The reference to Shrek and such was bad, could have been left out. But I can overlook that. I really would like to see them dive deeper into the lore and back story in a second movie. Why not? It’s just for fun…they are not messing with Tolkien or writing another Star Wars film or anything.
  5. The fight scenes were well done and special effects not over the top.

Because it’s Will Smith, Netflix had already committed to a sequel.

Bright was bashed by the critics but most of us average folk thought it was decent or even good. I myself was entertained but that’s not saying much considering the tripe that I usually watch on Netflix.

The Greatest Showman was pretty solid though…

Personally I thought it was complete tripe. Some sort of bizarre but typical US lesson on racism which they tried to shoe horn into an already poor movie. The scene with the fairy was just bizarre and clearly only added to have something interesting in the trailer and perhaps drive some recognition on social media through controversy. Definitely one to skip if you haven’t already have had to sit through it, don’t often agree with critics but make an exception in this case!

One persons tripe is another persons enjoyment. It wasnt a bad movie. And you didnt pay theater admission to see it. To each their own I guess.

It was.

That’s irrelevant.


You guys have convinced me to give this movie a try. I usually enjoy really bad movies much more than mediocre movies.

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It wasn’t

It is.

Yes, indeed.

Speaking of “bad” movies.

What’s everyone’s thought on Pineapple Express?

Ultimate stoner movie or just it’s so bad it’s good.

I’d say a little bit of both. I think it’s worth watching just to see James Franco’s stoner “imitation.”

I remember in college, my roommates and I would save it for “special occasions”. We always thought it was the best stoner movie of our time and wouldn’t watch it on a regular basis.

I watched it a few days ago when it was on TV and honestly, just has funny when not under the influence.

Maybe it gave you a contact high?

I finally watched mother! last night. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. It was definitely weird but I thought very engaging throughout. I actually guessed the end very early on in the movie, but everything that came before the last minute of the movie was a surprise. It can get pretty disturbing so stay clear if that’s not your thing. I can’t imagine how many people went to see it at the cinemas thinking, “oh, mother! That sounds like a nice movie…”

I, Tonya was good. I think I might like it more than Lady Bird. The latter is somewhat overrated imo. Margot Robbie really won me over with this role. Her scenes leading towards the end were spectacular. Janney was good, too, though so far I haven’t been super impressed by the hyperbuzzed supporting roles other than Holly Hunter in The Big Sick.