What Movies Are You Watching —2018—

Yeah, saw it last night. They got the balance of comedy, drama and farce just right.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri was good too. Blackest comedy I ever did see.

American Made

I saw Three Billboards too. I thought some of the humor was a bit forced but overall I really enjoyed it. Mcdormand was absolutely marvelous.

Her face is amazing…the complexity of emotions she can display on it.

Who saw the GLOBES?

(#Oprah, Amirite?)

Imagine her in a debate with the Trumpeter. She’d destroy him.

Better yet, a MMA bout.

Haha, shall you wish to continue, better start that thread in open or politics forum though! :wink:

I also liked Bright. Just thought they tried to pack too much stuff in one movie. And the action was kind of “that’s it?” Still would watch the sequel though.

Who saw Jumanji? Jack black, what a hoot.

“Most fun you’ll have at the movies this year”

I’ll go by @Icon 's philosophy on movies, if it’s over the top marketing…that means it’s covering up for something.

Waiting for Netflix release.

The original was completely unwatchable (not even Robin Williams could save it), so just about anything would be an improvement.


I actually never wanted them back as teens. :joy:

Tough for me to say, but yeah, not the greatest Robin Williams movie. I’ll still watch it if it’s on TV though. The CGI is funny to look at.

IActually, sis & I had a pretty good time.

If you don’t go in expecting Citizen Kane, you’ll have a lot of fun. It’s one of those stupid, don’t think too hard (or you -will- be miserable) but still entertaining kind of flicks. Out theater was never devoid of laughs or chuckles.

Haha that was great (& “cake”). Seriously though, can’t remember a recent time when jack black was such an ace in a movie. Much laughs.

Haven’t seen Citizen Kane (I know…I know)

I go into most movies glass half empty and just expect nothing.

However, I hate how there’s just hype for some franchised movies and you just expect them to knock your socks off.

Like… Star Wars 8?

I’m still on the fence about that one. Ask me again when it comes out on DVD and I can re-watch it.

How about Zathura? It is Jumanjish.

Much better. I didn’t even know it was a sequel when I saw it.

Zathura was on MOD recently.