What Movies Are You Watching —2018—


Wow, that’s pretty harsh.


Come with me to the Asian side. There must be some kind of art cinema house there playing Korean stuff. Some Indian fare. Heck, Taiwan movies.

Back in the ol country there are Asian DVD rental stores everywhere. I spent many a nice Sunday afternoon with some wuxia.


Some of the mainstream theaters in the Bay Area show Bollywood blockbusters, but for Taiwan/Chinese movies you have to go to Chinatown.


Non Bollywood stuff is really good. Anything by Aamir Khan.


Dangal was good but I can’t say I’m clambering to see more. Been burned too many times by Indian movies.

Plus I was really upset that it wasn’t more like Scent of a Woman, so why even bother, you know?


I have to agree; I was expecting Deadpool 2’s cinematography to be on par with Citizen Kane. Spoiler: it wasn’t.

0/10 would not recommend


Rain Man is pretty lame.


It’s certainly no Deadpool 2.


Idk why anyone would compare superhero movies to serious movies. It’s no news that superhero movies are for teenagers and men children.

As a serious movie, Rain Man is pretty tepid.



It’s true but you still shouldn’t say it :frowning:


Love it …men children, precisely.

Gosh I so hate these movies now…Avengers, Thor , the whole crap load of them.

But they make Godzillian tons of money.

Iron man I liked.

The thing is…cars and trains and plane smash ups, all these movies are now all about who does better smash ups.

The acting has gone very much south.

There no epic movies anymore in this genre anyway

Superman movies were good, it wasn’t all smash

We need a real story

Guess we will never have another Ben Hur, Gone with the Wind.

I will say some of the women at the showing last night were pretty slick.

Oh and another thing , movies feel compelled to cater to the lesbians and the gays too in every movie it seems.

Add a few cute lesbos in (like the pair in dead pool) hAve a few man sex insinuations…do you have a knife on my dick? Etc.



Just don’t watch them and see older movies. :idunno:


I know, my wifey drags me to see these things :slight_smile: I just need to vent …


Two quick points.

I feel the opposite is true. You’ve seen old, classic movies, right? They’re often wonderful, but the acting is pretty atrocious.

My favorite example of this is Luise Rainer, who won the Best Actress Oscar twice in a row in the 30s. She was just plain bad. Which really is a testament to how bad everybody was back then.

The biggest issue back in the day, I imagine, was they were still acting for the stage and the art of acting for the screen (which is much more subtle) just hadn’t been perfected yet. They’re still playing for the audience at the back of the room when the camera and microphone are right in their face.

You expected way, way, way too much from a wise cracking, fourth-wall breaking comic book character known as ‘The Merc With A Mouth.’ Also, ‘epic’ movies were always few and far between but there have been plenty of them in the last few decades, good and bad.


War movies suggestions kept popping up on my Netflix feed so I gave in.

I watched Whiskey Tango Foxtrot with Tina Fey and 13 hours.

I was a bit surprised by WTF since I had watched the trailers and I expected a comedy. It had a few jokes here and there, but it was more about the high that journalists get when doing war reporting.

13 hours also caught me by surprise. I knew it was a Michael Bay movie so I expected it to be just stupid explosions, but it wasn’t that bad. Definitely not your Transformer-ey movie. I think someone farther up on the thread said they liked it too.


I liked 13 hours


Pffff the Golden Age was flooded with iconic actors. Have you not seen Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind? Barbra Stanwyck in Double Indemnity? Greta Garbo in Ninotchka? Bogart and Bergman in Casablanca? The cast of All About Eve? They are heads and shoulders above 99% of the actors working today.

I’ve never seen Rainer’s movies though.


i watched the spider man home coming.that was an awesome movie and was very inspiring story for young people to do good for others.


I would consider doing the same if I had super powers too.


If you had superpowers the first thing you’d do would be to climb the Everest by bicycle, make it in 210 minutes and start celebrating, just to realize that the only reason why you achieved such accomplishment were your sudden super powers and it had nothing to do with you. Then you’d become an alcoholic, only to realize that your super powers make you immune from any effects from booze and you wouldn’t even get a kick out of drinking.
Your next step towards the abyss would be to become a super villain who moves at lightning speed and can drop emu’s hair inside people’s mojitos at bars without being detected.