What Movies Are You Watching —2018—


Yes, seen and enjoy all of those. And the actors are definitely “iconic” but that doesn’t mean they were particularly great. They were great for their time, perhaps. “Classic actors”, objectively, chew the ever-lovin’-shit out of the scenery. The reason why you can’t find actors like that today is because they just can’t get away with that kind of acting anymore. It’s ridiculously unnatural.

It’s probably not all the actors’ fault. Film was still a new technology and a lot of actors came from the stage. That coupled with really poor audio recording that meant everybody had to both en-unc-iate-ev-er-y-cyll-a-ble and PROJECT TO THE AUDIENCE… just made it really hammy.

I think it was around Marlon Brando’s era that things started to take a turn for the better. But truth be told, I wouldn’t be mad if someone made a “classic” styled movie with “classic” styled acting.


That’s strangely specific. Have you discussed this fantasy with your therapist?


My attorney has advised me not to comment.


Yeah, I can just imagine the class action by hundreds of hairball victims.



“Sir, there’s some hair in my mohito!”
“Well that’s odd, I’m a boldy, how could that even…”
“Excuse me gentlemen, I’ve worked for years in a zoo and I can confidently say that what we’re looking at is emu hair”
“Here? How is that even possible!”

The perfect crime.


The Dark Knight kind of superseded the genre. So did Black Panther. There’s Top Gun 2 coming up in the future, so there’s something for every one in these recent years… I really recommend Annihilation, Moonlight, Loving Vincent, Get Out, Boyhood, Beasts of No Nation, La La Land, The Revenant, Oldboy (the Korean version), Slumdog Millionaire, the Bold the Corrupt, and the Beautiful–among others. So many movies; so little time!

But for the love of God, please don’t make me watch The Artist. I like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, but really…please don’t make me watch… The Artist…


I find The Dark Knight extremely mediocre and the fanboys attached to it extremely insufferable. Heath Ledger was really good though.

The only ones (out of the ones I’ve seen anyway) I really enjoyed out of these are La La Land and The Revenant (though Leo DiCaprio still didn’t deserve his Oscar). Get Out and The Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful are decent. Moonlight and Boyhood I can’t stand.


My eyes have deceived me. That’s a compliment to a comic book movie.


will take note of some movie suggestions here. I’m waiting for the showing of jurassic world


Solo was a fun ride. You don’t have to be a diehard Star Wars fan to appreciate it, but it helps. Just don’t understand the hate for it from some fans. To those who’ve seen it, who do you think Qi’ra will become in the future? My theory is she’s Captain Phasma.


I thought Solo was just okay, but I agree there’s no need to “hate” it. That’s weird. There’s a lot to enjoy, I just have issues with certain things. But it was fine.

Your theory is interesting but I don’t think it quite fits. Mostly because she’s not part of the Empire, she’s a gangster (of sorts). Plus Qi’Ra’s ambitions would lead me to believe she wouldn’t be happy with that kind of post, even if it is 40-ish years later. It’d be funny if she was relegated to some sort of thankless position like that, though.

I hadn’t thought about whether or not she shows up in the Universe later on. It’s an interesting idea. I guess it wouldn’t be anybody who crossed paths with Han in the old movies.

I’m curious what the plan is for these movies. There’s obviously going to be some follow up, but I’m wondering if they’re thinking of doing a sequel or if the Boba Fett and Obi Wan movies will somehow tie into Qi’Ra and Darth Maul’s continued adventures.


Well it was better than other movies of the genre, the cinematography was good and Heath Ledger was pretty iconic, but that’s about it.

I still find Chris Nolan extremely overrated though. I’d probably be neutral to him if he didn’t have such ANNOYING fanbase but since he does, I’m on the border of disliking him. I do like Memento, I’ll give you that.


Nolan is a pretty good director, but he needs to stay away from the sound editing room. Every movie where he took part to the sound editing has some sound effects at insanely high volume for NO reason. At the beginning of The Dark Knight there’s a window shattering at a volume that makes absolutely no sense, first time I watched that movie on my home theater I had to run to the volume knob, only to find that the rest of the movie had no such “issues”.
And when watch Interstellar I have to lower the volume of the subwoofer before the shuttle launch or it’s like a 7.4 quake in my brain.


Yes and yes. I watched it over the weekend and best part of the movie for me lol.


Perhaps that’s just a thing now? I watched Blade Runner 2049 at home this weekend and I wound up just keeping the sound remote in my hand. Up and down, up and down, with near-silent dialogue alternating with sudden absurd volume peaks.

But then again, yes, I think that was even more of an issue with Dunkirk the other week.


Having dialogue and music or effects at different volumes has been a common practice for a very long time, but what Nolan does is to increase the volume of a very specific sound effect at an unexpected moment. It’s almost like the bird screaming in Citizen Kane.


I had big hopes for him after watching it, but unfortunately he’s never even come close to topping it.


Probably in the top 10 of all times best movies.


I watched again The Chaser lately, it’s so damn brutal. Great movie but very cruel.


Thats… not a thing he controls.