What Movies Are You Watching —2018—



Have you heard the new Once Upon a Deadpool movie recreates this wrap around with Deadpool reading the story of Deadpool 2 to Fred Savage in the same room?


Chinese subtitles? Inconceivable.


I’d say if they don’t want people to bootleg their movie with subtitles, they should offer their movie with said subtitles. Don’t think I’ve ever seen it released here.



Actually, rewatching The Princess Bride was such a treat. I was amazed by how much I still remembered from it. It is a non stop riot.

I followed it by Asterix and the Mansions of the Gods. Very socially relevant to our times.


From the other side of the Strait, to boot.

Actually started watching Sherlock, the movie Cumberbach did set in the past, but it was dubbed in Mainland accent and old word usage, so I gave up.

Still looking for Christmas classics such as Rudolf the red nosed reindeer and The selfish giant.


Finally saw the Han Solo movie. It could have been better, wasn’t horrible but you just feel it could have been better.


Foxfire with Angelina Jolie on Cinemax. Pleasantly surprised and somewhat interesting for a bad girl chick flick. She had the most beautiful lips and eyes and most everything when she was 21. Get the uncut version.


Watched a couple of Netflix things this weekend:

Sad. Very sad. I don’t think this generation could ever go or send anyone to war, so I guess that’s good. But the whole life is pointless nihilism is depressing as sh8t.

And this:

It’s got Frodo Baggins in it, but it’s in the same vein as the Meme doc. Is this NF’s target demographic? It’s good, but so so dark.


Marie , Queen of Scots was good. The female royalty lived a dicey life back then.


I’d like to see that. I like Ronan.


Just…crap. Spent all their money on stars and drew a picture of the monsters for us. Really.


Saw this during something on TV the other night.

I will go to the ugh…theater to watch this. Dayum.


Jordan Peele is killing it. The second one hasn’t come out yet and I can’t wait to find out what his third movie is.

I watched a Charlize Theron movie called “Dark Places” last night. I tracked it down because it was based on a book by Gillian Flynn (who also wrote Sharp Objects and Gone Girl). It was mostly fairly well done but the end was a bit lackluster when compared to the other 2 shows/movies based on her work. Gone Girl has a really good story but the movie is only okay, but Sharp Objects was extremely well done.

Dark Places is probably below both of those but is a serviceable mystery/thriller.


Very average. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it.


The trailer is serving Elizabeth: The Golden Age realness but preach on Saoirse.

I saw that a few days ago and it was really good. I didn’t care for the central romance but the supporting cast was spectacular.



I took my kids to see Bumblebee on the weekend. It was basically the relationship between the car-robot and this young girl bookended by two pretty extensive action sequences. A lot of it was more “Transformers” than the previous movies but it still wasn’t great.

This was in 2018… we will probably need a 2019 thread soon.



is the last movie I’ve watched in 2018.

100% recommendable.


Just saw A Star is Born at second run theater.

Great movie. I was surprised by the shocking ending that was totally unexpected but still good movie go see it.

Also didn’t expect to see Andrew Dice Clay in the movie.