What Movies Are You Watching —2018—



Just saw Robin Hood
Was not bad
But it’s funny how it’s made into like modern war fare and the plot is not so simple

It’s watchable but going away from the more simple Robin Hood

Costner as the evil
Sheriff was a twist considering his Robin Hood was quite good


Just saw it and remembered I’d seen it over the summer via terrible Korean cam copy. Collette showed a horror movie range here that reminded me of Shelly Duvall


Really good stuff, a nice Satanic shout out to Rosemary’s Baby without having to remake it…thank god.

My son suggested this:

It is a very interesting film and as I rented it from Youtube, I have time to rewatch it. It covers a LOT of ground and is hard to nail down. Distopian, Marxist, anti-capitalist, hypocritical capitalist avante guard provocateur, code switching post-modernist identity politics in the same surrealistic vein as Get Out, but laugh out loud funny…in particular the rap scene.

It’s a mess really and I think they fail to stick the landing, but it is worthy enough for another looksee.


I just watched it. Was really good.


Did I mention Mary Poppins? Go watch it.

Another pretty great one (although slightly too long) - Vice. It’s Christian Bale doing the Batman growl but gained what must have neared 50lbs to play Dick Cheney. Steve Carell is Rumsfeld and Sam Rockwell is W. It comes from the Big Short co-writer and director, which should give you a sense of its tone – there’s a fun Alfred Molina restaurant scene that echos Margot Robbie’s bathtub champagne scene where he explains via a fine dining menu various technicalities to avoid high crimes and treason.

Check em out.


I’m quite impressed with you going out of your way and reading up on indie studios. :+1::+1:

If you like A24, check out Neon and Annapurna.


I took my kids to see Ralph Breaks the Internet on Saturday. We all loved it. I’ll say the beginning is a bit boring but it does pick up after they leave the arcade. When it’s funny, it’s really damn funny. Memorable moments for me would be when they’re bidding in ebay and whenever the Disney Princesses show up. Good stuff.

I took my eldest to go see Fantastic Beasts yesterday. We had to leave after 20 minutes. Blah. She wasn’t feeling good, but it was probably more to do with the baby being murdered. What I saw of the beginning seemed okay but it was a whole lot of “oh, so what’s going on here?” One day I’ll watch the whole movie.

Also saw The House with a Clock in its Walls. Quite good, actually.


Stumbled through TV and saw a few minutes of Dial M for Murder so I downloaded and watched it. Great old Hitchcock movie.

Can watch this and some others apparently legal for free on tubitv.com.


Aquaman – A step up from Justice League (which, despite being somewhat of an origin story, this takes place after JL). Much lighter, made attempts at jokes (some landed, some didn’t). If you can handle the outrageousness of laser sharks, the story is at least comprehensible and key character motivations didn’t hinge on a mother’s name. A “twist” wasn’t exactly a twist. Parts of it were entertaining. The film as a whole could use a few minutes of trim here and there.

Is it Godfather Part II? Obviously not. But as a dc superhero popcorn flick, it’s a noticeable improvement and at times quite fun.

There is just one mid-credits scene. Don’t bother waiting to the end of the credits.


Yes it’s a good one. In particular the slaughter race song.


Yep, when she started looking into that gross puddle, I knew it was coming and was laughing through the entire song. Sarah Silverman singing an Alan Menken alone… that’s pretty funny.


The first trailer was trash. This one is showing a lot more beef.

I went from:“Goddammit this is garbage” to “It may be worth going to the cinema to see giant monsterzillas”.


It was very on brand. Vanellope’s been a disney princess for a few years now anyway, might as well give her a song. “Called through this fog of mace”… :joy: And glad they gave Shank some lines to sing (is there nothing that woman can’t do?).

Also really loved the medley score when the various princesses rescued a certain someone. Only shows how iconic and memorable those melodies are.

Btdubs if we’re gonna talk about slaughter race, gotta tag @ranlee into this convo.


Wot is this ?
Bad Boys III with Orcs ?


The house with the clock in its walls was good, my kids liked it too.


Slaughter race? What we talking about here?


Ooooh boyyy. No one spoil it for @ranlee.

Just go watch wreck it ralph 2, man. Don’t wiki it, don’t google. Let it surprise and wash over you, kemosabe.

May the small delight bring you some joy.


Gf and I were planning on seeing it last week, let’s hope it’s still playing!


Want to give a shout out to a surprisingly delightful movie. As an institutionalized introvert, I never laugh in the movies. This one had me chuckle out loud a few times. Smart, witty and with a touch of drama Dead in a week: or your money back


On this cold and rainy night look what I found:


Small Foot was good ,rent the dvd