What movies are you watching (2022)

Just watched this Russian film on Youtube. Pretty recent, they even mention Covid a few times. I guess watching it free on YT is not supporting the Russian economy, right? I love foreign movies. Visited Vladivostok once, watching this brought back some memories. The film itself is not bad, but not a masterpiece either.


Just saw the new Jurassic Park movie. Far fetched stupidity. LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

Jeff Goldblum, what a treat. :heart_eyes:


I like learning about the privileged servants.

I love road movies. Mixed feelings about this one, though. It’s a nice story, but a little bit too many psychedelic moments in this one.

The two scenes were she sings are very touching.

I know it’s not the time to promote Russia, but I just watched this one and found it quite funny.

Let’s pretend that all these actors are against the war in Ukraine.

I am looking for free Ukrainian movies on YT now…

I will start watching this now:

Turned out to be a very lovely film. Beautiful ordinary people, living a peaceful life in 2021.

Finished all 4 episodes of Essential Meetings. Loved it, went down like butter.
All the characters were very likeable, and while the script was a bit cheesy and predictable at times, I really enjoyed it.

Now, I am ready for more Ukrainian stuff. :slight_smile:

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I plan to watch The Sand Pebbles
The Sand Pebbles (1966) - IMDb

This old Keelung building was used in the movie.

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Saw it at the theatre in 1967- thought it was great, though didn’t know much about Chinese history or politics at the age of 12 (some would say I still don’t).

It’s a brilliant film. You are in for a treat.

just saw the movie about Elvis. Pretty good !!

Last weekend I watched Hustle and Maverick

I enjoyed both way more than expected, definitely agree with the positive reviews upthread

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‘Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness’ is on Disney+. It was alright. Definitely the most ‘horror’ twist on a superhero film I remember seeing. The most interesting scenes were with the Illuminati. I was disappointed in how they turned Wanda into a full-on mass murderer, and I found the kid (with the dumbest name I’ve ever heard, America Chavez) really annoying. I maintain the TV shows are better than the movies these days. 7.5/10

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Just a heads up: new Hunger Games movie in the works.

And on the remake side: The Munsters. :noway:

Excited for Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe. Going to watch it tonight after dinner.

I decided to watch some old American movies to remind myself that America isn’t all bad.

Jezebel (1938) - The first 2/3 was quite engaging, but the last 1/3 became really silly with the thinly-written sisterhood and poorly-executed redemption arc. Bette Davis was great as always though.

All That Heaven Allows (1955) - A masculine and sensitive gardener (fuck me Rock Hudson) + a sweet widow who’s not that old + a beautiful Connecticut town + genius cinematography = Hallmark on steroids. I was very happy.

Giant (1956) - Surprised by how much I liked it, and it didn’t feel nearly as long as it was (200 minutes). Sure it’s still very much of its time but there’s a lot of heart to it, and parts of it were unexpectedly very modern. Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson (swoon) had fantastic chemistry and were just adorable together, and the cinematography was gorgeous. I do wish the children were more fleshed out, though, and I know he’s hugely popular but I really didn’t care for James Dean’s character after he became rich. He was fantastic in the first half but became a caricature in the second.

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Beavis and Butt-Head didn’t disappoint. It was exactly what you’d expect it to be.

So I saw the first Star Wars movie (I think it’s called A New Hope?) for the first time ever and I … don’t get it. The dialogue was beyond awful, the charaters were completely emotionless and wooden (the protagonist’s families and friends were all killed and a planet was shattered into pieces and everyone merely acted mildly surprised? K hunny …), the fight scene was like two grandpas waving mosquito swatters, the weird creatures looked like poorly made Halloween costumes, and the plot basically relied on the villains being visually and mentally impaired. I guess it’s popular because people miss their childhood/teen years?

I will say that this is a pretty shot, though.

When I got to here I was like oh maybe this will live up to some of its hype, but well it didn’t. I am honestly baffled that there are literally billions of mega fans for this franchise in every corner of the world. Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings I get, but this? Maybe I am too gay or something.

I doubt that. I was 13 when it came out. It was a great story, not just good guy bad guy stuff. It was confusing, the old man dying and disappearing at the end. It was the classic hero’s journey a la Joseph Campbell. Sci-fi in the 1970s was shite. This was cool and fun, robots and laser guns, lightsabers and magic and Wookies.

But, the Empire Strikes back was the best by far, imo. I saw that like 13 times in the theater. It ran for more then a year. I can’t recall anything like that until ET came out.

Also, and this is hard if not impossible for anyone under 30 to truly appreciate, the technology wasn’t there. It’s because of Star Wars that we got Blade Runner, yaknow.


Give Empire a shot and if nothing clicks there, pack it in.

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Empire is more gay. :+1:t2:

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