What movies are you watching (2022)

I thought The Invitation was entertaining. Too bad they added the last minute if the movie.

Bullet train

Just saw it
A preposterously stupid movie that was stupidly preposterous

But for six bucks yeah see it
It was so ridiculous it was funny and almost worth 3 fifty of your six bucks

Don’t think of it as a serious movie
Think dark humour and then it’s pretty good


Been watching a lot of movies from the 40s. So far the only one I genuinely enjoyed was the original Nightmare Alley, which I thought was better than Guillermo del Toro’s remake.

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The Cowboys is another good one. But yeah, he was in some bad movies.

It’s like “Daaaaaaamn.”

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Wonderful traditional Japanese romantic tragedy from 1956.

IMDb: : Bridge of Japan Nihombashi

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Story-wise it’s a standard war-torn love story, but Loren and Mastroianni were always a crushing duo who could elevate anything. The final 20 minutes or so were beyond brutal.

Another crusher starring the two of them. I was BLOWN AWAY by this movie. Emotionally it was like a shotgun with a silencer.

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