What movies are you watching (2022)

And suicide alone.

just watched ringu for the first time last night. i really dug it. so much that i marathoned ringu 2 right after it. not nearly as good. haven’t seen ju-on yet so maybe i’ll try that one next…

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Wow. That was a real phenomenon when it came out. Still very creepy to watch. Have you seen the American version?

I saw Everything Everywhere All at Once and I thought it was quite fun if a bit on the nose and cliché in its messaging. Michelle Yeoh and KHQ were really good though, and Jamie Lee Curtis is always a delight.

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The original I hope. Alone. In the dark. With a single floor lamp on in the room behind you.

Enjoy! :laughing:

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yeah i saw the american version ages ago, just finally getting around to the original.

cheers for that haha. i’ll be watching it alone i’m sure. wife gets too spooked.

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Another month, another Netflix crop.

I see Mark Wahlberg is his own category now :laughing:

Just put on The Frighteners. Didn’t know it was a Peter Jackson film. Let’s see if it holds up better than MJF :upside_down_face:

Father Stu.

Don’t. It’s not funny at all. I thought it was going to be funny. It was not.

Netflix suggested a 90s movies category. I noticed overall it has uploaded a bunch of oldies in the general populace, like the original Airport (1970). :eek:

Now, if it had 80s John Houston comedies…

Oh and some Hallmark-y romantic Christmas movies…as if there weren’t enough on cable.