What movies are you watching (2024)

The Leone-Clint Eastwood trilogy (Fistful of Dollars, Few Dollars More, Good the Bad and the Ugly) are all good. But Once Upon a Time in the West, which I saw for the first time last year, is magnificent. Um, well, as long as you like stand-offs that last longer than some movies.


I watched The Exorcist about 30 years after it was released, and my mate and I just laughed through the whole thing.

I guess that was possibly for similar reasons.


That was an accidental repetition that I think I’ve now edited out! But yes, now I’m half-remembering something about another TV series in the works.

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will see how it goes, chosen specifically cause there are follow ups :sweat_smile:

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“Aim for the heart Ramon … for fuck’s sake, please aim for the heart, not the knees or the head, just keep shooting at this one spot where your previous four shots failed …”. It’s that one, right? Or have I spoiled For a Few Dollars More?


While it is sad, the movie could be a lot more sad, like say if neither of them realized their goal, or even worse, only one of them realized their goal.

just on the opening scenes now, clint eastwood, cowboy music and baddies, so far so good.

Oops! Forget what I wrote above!

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Yeah sorry I didnt mean to say Dune 2 was comparing the 1984 dune with the 2021
Didn’t read the books so I can’t compare the books
I read the 2021 dune is more true to the book

But the 84 was a bit more of a theatre I thought

I thought it was really well done think I saw it three times

Hey Tommy left his gas filler door open and the gas cap hanging by it’s cable for a whole hour the other day so excuse me for the confusion

The guys that actually saw Dune 1984 knew what I meant I guess



Kinda premature to make the comparison when the new movies haven’t finished release yet. And what about the miniseries?!

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I didn’t make it through A Fistfull of Dollars, it seemed too cheesy. Guess it was a hard act to follow after the Godfather. Watched the Joker last night though and it was great. I didn’t even recognise Joaquin Phoenix until half way through the movie. He is some fricken amazing actor. Apparently he studied tapes of mental patients laughter to get into the role.


I scanned through the article… yeah, lots of differences along the lines of “This part from the second half of the novel doesn’t appear in a movie that only adapts the first half.”

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Poor Things

Emma Stone


Wow I was expecting some type of Disney like movie but this movie just blows minds. It’s a movie that you will walk out of wondering what did I just watch and will be talking about it after you leave. See it in a theater.

This book description gives a better plot review.

I think I’m going to read the book soon.


He does seem to be pretty special. I think anyone that makes a movie such as below will be left mentally ill forever. Only the psychopathic couldn’t be devastated to do this kind of work.

Good movie by the way. Bit too close to home for me to rewatch as we see this day in, day out here :frowning:

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I’d have a nervous breakdown if I watched that.

I actually noticed that when he won the Oscar for the Joker, his speech was about animal rights. That kind of confused me, but now it makes sense.

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Doing the research for that documentary is probably a large part of why he is so weird now haha. I am too sensitive about all things cruelty. I watched 20 mins and still feel sick.

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Dream Scenario


So much fun, good story, good directing, with radical Arc change in middle of movie, psychological thriller, nice mysterious ending. Should have been nominated for and won more awards.

just saw the Bob Marley movie. A few observations:

Marley was certainly not as clean cut and good looking as the actor who played him. It was very unusual at the movie house, one that it was full practically every seat taken. and two that at the end of movies here more then 90pct of people run straight out of the room. I am one of the few who like to stay and see the credits. This movie though only a very few people left before the credits finished rolling as they continued to play Marley songs.

Also i thought i knew a bit bout Marley, turns out i really didnt know a lot. Didnt know about the struggles he had and the turmoil in jamaica. I thought the guy was still alive, didnt know he died at 36 of melanoma!!

the movie was good by the way. go see it