What movies are you watching in 2020?

I think you’re smart enough to figure it out.

Odd. It’s working for me with my Amazon Prime subscription, on both my computer (MacOS) and TV (using Apple TV). That’s just with a Taiwan-based subscription, no VPN or anything special.

I wish I could give you tips on how to make it work, but unusually enough, this time it’s actually working without me needing to do anything.

(FWIW Amazon Prime’s selection is absolutely dire here in Taiwan, but they keep stringing out shows - Expanse, Picard, The Boys, now upcoming Expanse again - to keep me paying them.)

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Maybe ought to start at the beginning: do you have an Amazon Prime account?

I think mine was grandfathered in at US$99/yr, but accounts opened after 2016 or so are (I believe) $129/yr.

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Maybe it’s some other issue. I’ll try again.

Good, that’s the first step.

As Andrew said above, I think Express and Nord VPN’s are among the best for international viewing of Amazon’s US content, but afaik Amazon does log server addresses in a database that it uses to check against with each login (hence the delay sometimes), and does block those its system can link to VPN addresses.

What I mean is that Express and Nord are forced into being proactive about finding new server addresses in the US to keep ahead of the blocking. It can be a bit of a dance that can result in being blocked out temporarily (until the VPN service gets ahead of Amazon).

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Finally got around to watching Parasite.

I really enjoyed the movie. It was pretty unique and a breath of fresh air from Hollywood movie predictable formulas.


Movie round-up of various things I’ve seen recently.

Steve Jobs: 8/10 Typical talky Sorkin drama. Some exchanges are very dramatic as expected, but the subject matter is kind of a shitty person so I didn’t empathize much with him. It was okay. As far as Sorkin talkies focusing on immoral tech-giants, ‘The Social Network’ is better.

Into the Wild: 5/10… ugh. This is based on that idiot who killed himself in Alaska trying to live off the wild. Hirsch is a good actor, and the cinematography of the Alaskan wild is beautiful, so I’ll give it some points. But the naval-gazing, super pretentious narration makes it so unbearable to sit through that I turned it off halfway through. I get it’s (probably) based on the real person’s awful writings (he’s no Thoreau), but that doesn’t make it any more tolerable. Sean Penn directed it, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised it’s up its own ass.

I also went on a Miyazaki binge. From best, to still great:
My Neigbor Totoro 9.5/10
Spirited Away 9/10
Kiki’s Delivery Service 8.5/10

I’m not going to write anything because what can I say about his films that hasn’t been said much better, but they’re all classics worth checking out even if you aren’t into anime (it transcends that genre though).


United 93: I’d been postponing watching this as I knew it would be hard to swallow. It was masterful. Made me sick to my stomach. Such a horrible, tragic event in human history and those passengers were such heroes.


It’s probably the only good film about 9/11. Much better than World Trade Center, which came out about the same time.


Carol (2015) 8.5/10 emotionally stirring lesbian drama set against the conservative 1950s. Great acting by Mara and Blanchett. I like how the antagonists are not depicted as “evil”, but just misguided within the context of the time they live in. Characters seem very real and three dimensional. Terrific musical score as well.

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Dark Waters. What an excellent movie based on a true story.


You had me at Anne Hathaway.

Oh I thought he meant the Jennifer Connolly ghost flick (based on a J-horror film). I was like “based on a true story”?

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Best movies I’ve seen for the first time this year:
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - which is now one of my top favourites
Burning - did he killer her?
Place Beyond the Pines
I have seen a bunch of others but my memory is hazy. I need to keep some sort of film journal I think.

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Ashfall: very nice disaster movie, great effects, good acting, dramatic story with wit and humor and lots of action, and for dessert, Korean oppas. Highly recommended.

The first 5 minutes - the car scene- totally epic. Puts 2012 and Fast Furious together…and leaves them behind. :laughing:

‘Edge of Tomorrow’ (2014), just a solid and exciting action flick. Not the most original premise (basically ‘Starship Troopers’ meets ‘Groundhog Day’), but great execution and superior acting from Cruise and Blunt. Nothing too deep, but a lot of fun. Would definitely watch again. 9/10


Strong agree. One of the best sci-fi/action movies of recent years. I believe it’s on Netflix Taiwan - it was certainly there recently.

Mild spoiler about the end: OK, so the ending stretched credulity even more than the rest of the film, but, eh, when doesn’t that happen in a sci-fi action flick?


Kevin Hart Zero F***s Given Stand-up at home 2020

Starts out dull, funny 20 minutes in, laughed twice, finishes boring.

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Under the Skin with Scarlett Johansson, caution nudity :whistle:

Sci-horror, bizarre, very very slow, missed opportunity for good concept.

Yeah, that sounds like Kevin Hart to a T.