What movies do you want remade?

Was watching some older Disney films with my kids. They lost interest quickly because the movies lacked the realism of today’s animation styles. It got me thinking it would be really awesome to see The Sword on the Stone remade into a live action film and others too…like Robinhood.

Not all films should be remade. Some are best left as they are. I can respect that.

But what are some films you think should be remade / updated? Doesn’t need to be Disney. Discussion is wide open.

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I’d love to see a modern, woke version of this one with a trans fraternity/sorority.



Forever Amber the novel is lusty and portrays conniving and ruthless people in a real life historical backdrop (think Scarlett O’Hara times 10). The book was a bestseller; however, it was banned in several states, thus the 1947 movie was a watered down, lifeless disappointment. I wish I had the money to produce a modern version.



Fight Club, exactly the same but just updated to include social media etc. in the narrative


Yes but no. :sweat_smile:

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton were superb. I just don’t think they could capture what made that movie great again. It would probably be one of those movies I want to watch but don’t like at the same time.

The original Alien.



The fucking hell is wrong with the original? You canNOT improve on dat ass.


I feel like it could look cooler with the new technology

Starship trooper.



Dude, I’m 53. Yer behind me right? Let these things die.

Let Showgirls pull them all into nothingness.

Like what? It was an inter-system mining ship right? That’s not cool?

What do you mean?

You canNOT improve on dat ass

Someone said this :point_up_2: , things went dark and I just heard buzzing for a couple of minutes. My god, that ass

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None, nada, nyet! For every good remake, there’s about a dozen terrible ones. The thought of a classic like ‘The Godfather’ or ‘Casablanca’ getting remade one day sends chills down my spine. And not the good kind.


Could be stretched into a TV series, but don’t see how a 2 hour film would change it much.

I don’t see how remaking a movie with a trick ending that we all already know is going to succeed. Why do the “I see dead people movie” remake when we all know Bruce Willis is a ghost three minutes into the film?

How about this crazzzzy thought. Make new movies. :rant:

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Some remakes try to get around this by changing the twist. But the new version is always worse than the original. Case in point; the original ‘Planet of the Apes’ twist… one of the most iconic and clever twists of all time

Versus whatever this dumb shit is from the 2001 Marky Mark remake.

Making him a nerd was a bad idea.

Episode VII-IX - pretend they didn’t happen.
Highlander could be updated.
Dresden Files - should have been a movie to begin with
Falling Down could be edgy as hell in the current environment.

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