What percentage of the population should be vaccinated and why

I’m going with approximately 20 to 30 percent for Covid vaccines, primarily dependent upon levels of obesity and to a lesser extent age. My reason for this is they are at significant risk and hardly anyone else is

I’d be interested to hear logical reasons why this percentage should be higher.

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Just get jabbed. I don’t think there needs to be a number. Just go get your shots and move on with your life.

I’m not sure there is any logic other than… the vaccines work, get them in ya.


Because Covid isn’t that dangerous to the general population, the correct answer is the percentage that wants to be vaccinated.


Dangerous enough to cripple the healthcare system and changing fast enough to not be able to confidently say it’s not dangerous to the “general” population.

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That’s just drama IMO.

Dying is drama? I can’t agree.


What’s the current death rate again?

The fact there is a death rate should be enough. It’s enough for me at least.

Dying is certainly tragic.
Do you mind to share how many people you know personally died from covid? Thanks.

There are bigger killers to focus on IMO. People are always going to be dying. That’s the catch-22 of life.

In the US hospitalization costs 150x as much as vaccination. I remember hearing the hospitalization rate for Covid is pretty high, although I can’t find a number now. Even if it’s 5% it’s in the health system’s economic interest to vaccinate everyone.

I think 30% at risk is low also. There’s a lot of elderly. Covid increases preterm births for pregnant mothers. Hypertension, various cancers, etc., are all common here. How common are other chronic diseases? I don’t know. Often you don’t know until it affects you.

Covid isn’t polio, but it’s bad enough that this should be part of the normal vaccine schedule, something which Taiwan is generally excellent at delivering. Taiwan’s also added HPV to the list of school vaccines. Vaccinate everyone.


Personally? Two. Although I’m not sure how that helps. There are over 7 billion people on the planet. I know about 0.00005% of the total population personally.

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There’s a vaccine for COVID though. It doesn’t need any more focus than getting the gunk into arms.

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I personally know three that have died and a couple put on ventilators.

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Condolences for loss. Perhaps we have different experience. About 10 persons within the circle of my family and close friends did have covid, along with probably two dozen of not so close people. Neither got vaccinated, hospitalized or dead. Thus asking.

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Thank you for your reply and your kindness.
Yeah, most people are not gonna die. But I’m not taking the risk.

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According to U.S. President Biden, 100%, except for the 600,000+ members of the US Postal Service, among others (various states’ and cities’ police officer unions, even in blue states, do not want mandated vaccinations for their members either).
Wouldn’t want USPS to go on strike and not deliver Amazon packages (yes, USPS is a subcontractor of Amazon and delivers even on Sunday now, for Amazon, that is).
Ahhh, and illegal immigrants into the U.S. do not need to get vaccinated.

Like the flu shot, COVID-19 vaccine should be voluntary. There’ll be enough people taking it (elderly, those with comorbidities, etc.) to get maybe up to your 20%.

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Let me ask a different question: How many more threads like this one do we need?

I seriously doubt that at this point and after all the other threads, people here are actually coming to these threads willing to have a productive discussion about the benefits and risks of being vaccinated vs. not being vaccinated…


It depends on vaccine effectiveness and your goal. For herd immunity, you’d want enough people with immunity through past infection or vaccination that the likelihood of someone passing on the infection to someone else is very low. I don’t know if that is achievable, with current vaccines and how effective they are against variants.

But as many people as possible would be my answer. Vaccines are just part of a multilevel approach that includes social distancing informed by hotspot monitoring, development or identification of medical interventions for people with infection, etc.

I have seen opinions that use of vaccines in people unlikely to have severe Covid outcomes will promote resistant strains but have not seen much evidence of this. Vaccine resistance involves different mechanisms than drug resistance, and can easily arise by chance with uncontrolled transmission in the population.

So vaccination of any and all that vaccines are authorized or approved for, if the goal is to minimize transmission and adverse outcomes while keeping a risk-averse government and population comfortable with staying open for business.

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Any guesses what the daily death rate in Taiwan would be now if Taiwan followed the advice of Covid skeptics and did nothing? No vaccinations. No masks. No quarantines. No social distancing.