What schools pay the highest salary?

USA citizen, have a Masters degree in Special Education with just over 1 year of teaching experience.
I am trying to locate specific schools that pay the highest salaries. I originally wanted to work at a public school but found out that the medication that I am on costs thousands of dollars that I will have to pay out of pocket so I have to find a higher paying job. Before anyone tries to crack this conundrum of healthcare - I appreciate it but I am 100% positive I have no alternative but to pay for it myself - I have been to multiple hospitals and talked to numerous people and it is NOT paid by the government insurance, nor is it paid for by international insurance policies. I am hell bent on teaching in Taiwan so I am shifting gears to try and find a job that pays more so I can ride out my savings to pay for my meds ($1300 per month).
I am having a hard time figuring out which schools pay the most. I figured private schools may pay more, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
I know the obvious schools are Morrison Academy, Taipei American School, Ivy Collegiate Academy, and Dominican International School, but these positions are all taken. Does anyone know other specific school names I could look into? My ideal situation would be to live in Kaohsiung, Taipei or Tainan.
I noticed that a lot of “international schools” and “American schools” actually pay similar to regular public or private schools…? Why don’t they pay as much as the top tier schools? Am I missing something?
I am looking into I-Shou International School, Kang Chiao Bilingual School, Taipei Kuei Shan School, New Taipei City International School at this point but have no idea if there pay is similar to a top tier school or just an average public school.
Thank you for listening to my long rant. If anyone knows specific high paying schools (Either English Teacher or Special Education) please let me know. Thank you so much!

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If it’s not covered it usually mean another drug for what you need it for is covered. Happens a lot when people move to in taiwan and other places where insurance will only cover another similar drug. I would see if switching is an option if it is indeed this reason since 1300 is probably at least half at even the best teaching jobs pay.

Thanks Andrew. There is absolutely no drug alternative, and no way for it to get paid, I have done extensive research and met with many providers in Taiwan. I also realize the pay for most teaching positions hover around 65,000 NT which will not cover much if anything of my cost. Looking to find a job that would at least put a dent in that cost so I don’t completely drain my savings. I know it might sound absurd to spend money to teach, but it is what I want to do. Just trying to see what jobs might be available that pay the most. Do you know of any particular schools that pay the highest wages?

I’m not 100% certain about the pay. I’m sure others can chime in.

However who is giving you the quote of 1300? The hospital and doctor?

If you know the drug you need, some pharmacies and pharmacists will order it for you for possibly cheaper and sometimes smaller family owned pharmacies where the owner is a pharmacist may be open to negotiation.

The legality of this seems to be ambiguous or just ignored for anything that’s not a narcotic and abused. It may be not scheduled for prescription or it may be, up to you if you look at up. Just passing on the information that most pharmacies don’t care and no one really checks unless it’s a narcotic and something people abuse recreationally.

@tempogain not sure if this is considered breaking the rules of encouraging illegal activities.

Info from Gastroenterology doctors I personally met with at National Taiwan University Hospital, and 2 well known hospitals in Kaohsiung at their international medical unit. It is a miracle this drug is even available. It is a biologic drug administered through an IV for 3 hours so its not just a random pill I pop, its pretty heavy duty. No alternative for this. I have accepted the cost, just looking for good gigs at this point. Thanks so much.

65,000? Who gave you that number?
Completely untrue.
With your degree and license (you said you’ve been teaching a year) you can easily start at 80,000 a month at most private schools.

I’m sorry to hear about your issues. I had a similar problem in Singapore where my medicine cost about $6000/month. Like others have said about Taiwan, doctors here were more than happy to fudge the system to get most of this paid for me. While some may call this of questionable legality, I will say that this is clearly illegal in Singapore and I must assume the same for Taiwan. Because of my job I would not engage in the scheme, but I don’t begrudge the others that do to get life altering medicine. It seems low risk and somewhat common in singapore, and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn the same is true in Taiwan.

Regarding jobs, the best schools don’t always pay the best. My experience is old, but some of the best schools pay less than market because there is value in teaching motivated kids in a well funded environment. With that said, keep an open mind…I wish you the best of luck!

I am just basing the 65,000 ball park off of what I have seen for some of the private schools in Kaohsiung and Tainan. 80,000 would be really nice, maybe I just need to keep hunting. I hope those are not the jobs that tend to be a toxic work environment, seems like a lot of the horror stories tend to be in private schools, but probably not fair for me to judge/stereotype. I look on Tealit, TeachTaiwan and Dewey, if anyone has any more resources for job hunting, or any good schools let me know thanks.

Wow 6000 is intense, sorry to hear that. Ya I am not sure if there is another less legit way around it but I would be up for it if I ever had the chance. Thanks for the kind words.

Are you fluent in Chinese?

No, just starting to learn.

There are some highish paying jobs that require Chinese fluency.

British Council pays OK. 92K or so for 24 contact hours a week. Not easy to get, though.

Wow, ok, I will for sure look into that, thanks!

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You may want to look into corporate training. Again, my experience is old, but you used to be able to make very good money doing corporate training gigs.

Do they only employ teachers from the UK?

They wouldn’t be allowed to do that even if they wanted to. British employment law. They even have a Filipino.

Why do you say it is hard to get? They only employ the best of the best?

They like to think so.

Having said that they took me on in the past, so they are prepared to lower their standards.


Crazy @BiggusDickus :thinking: I know you didn’t mean it to sound like that :innocent:

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