What should I do when I get COVID?

I just used the EUCARE app. It screwed up at first and didn’t take me to the payment page so I had to make another appointment and wasted an hour. They were very helpful on their LINE and explained everything. They’ll send the diagnosis to the ministry of health and I’ll get something for proof for work.

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Are you trying the Android or Apple App? If Android you may need to delete the “US-EN” bit from the end of the URL.

I never knew that. Anyway, I managed it with EUCARE. It cost $200. Do they all charge?

that is the way CDC is reccomending now. If you manage to read chinese or have local person who could help you, you can look the list of hospitals not specifically for foreigners.

NTC’s list tells which clinics do video consultation.

or you can look for clinics doing video consultation using 「健保行動快易通」App.

EUCARE uses emergency doctors, so CDC reccomends to use other ways if possible.

Dunno At my local clinic they usually charge me 200 NTD but with the plague it was only 100.

I got a positive covid diagnosis, and now our 1 year old is showing symptoms. I called 1922 and they told me to call the Taipei health authority and gave me a number. They said to call 119 and they’d arrange for transportation to a hospital. But his fever isn’t high and his symptoms are mild, so that seems, kind of insane. Is that what people normally do, or do they just let them ride it out and call 119 if the fever gets high?
I’m not asking for medical advice, just what other parent’s experiences have been.

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it sounds about right because your child is a baby.

Transportation for home care and medical treatment
The Central Epidemic Command Center stated on May 21 that if a confirmed case of home care has symptoms such as fever, it is recommended to make an appointment to see a doctor through video or telephone. If it is not possible to make an appointment for video diagnosis and treatment, or if the video diagnosis and treatment cannot be processed, you can contact the Health Bureau according to its instructions, use the epidemic prevention team, pick up and drop off with relatives and friends who live with you, go there by yourself (such as walking, driving/cycling) or accompany the confirmed person to seek medical treatment.


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I don’t see the point except to add one more number to the statistics. They’re only going to test him and probably give him baby fever meds, which we have. It seems reasonable to at least wait and see if he gets a higher fever.

i somehow misread your post that your baby was already confirmed and had high fever now.

if there is no need of a document, I’d do the same.

Sorry, maybe I wrote it badly. I’m the one that was confirmed. He just has a fever. The test kits aren’t for children under 2.

Well, that was a nightmare. His fever went up so we called 119. I sweettaalked them into letting us all ride in the ambulance. We were there over an hour, and then we got a quarantine taxi back after a half-hour wait outside in the cold. Thankfully, the driver didn’t blink at the size of the baby, who really should have been in a car seat. I guess it’s preferable that we went. They gave us medication for every symptom he may develop.


I very much hope your kid is OK!

Despite the breezy minimalizing all over this forum, COVID complications for the very young can be very serious.

I’m really glad your family is getting the medical attention you need.



3/20 Mild cases free from isolation 0+n

Effective March 20, mild COVID-19 cases exempt from reporting, isolation and should seek medical care immediately if they experience severe symptoms/warning signs; high-risk individuals meeting criteria can still receive oral antiviral medications

Employers are not allowed to ask employees not to go to work and they must have a negative rapid test before they can return to the workplace. If the employer unilaterally asks the employee not to go to work, the employer should still pay the wages because the employer is delayed in receiving the labor service; If a worker who tests positive quickly takes sick leave, the employer shall not withhold the full attendance bonus within 5 days from the day of the positive test and the next day.


Focus Taiwan has published a nice FAQ about the new rules in effect starting tomorrow Monday March 20.

Short version: mild / asymptomatic cases of COVID do not need to be reported, with no mandatory quaratine for infected individuals. Students and teachers, however, are still required (via instructions from the MOE) to not attend classes in person for five days after testing positive.

Source: the link posted above by @tando : https://focustaiwan.tw/society/202303190002


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Not against sick kids staying home but do they have the authority to do this? Legally?

Despite the policy change, the Ministry of Education has advised students and teachers against attending classes in person for five days after testing positive for COVID-19.

Since they are only advising it, I am thinking the answer is no.

Obviously, if the kid really wants to come back, he just wouldn’t test in the first place.

This sentence looks like it is saying opposite things.

Do you mean they are not allowed to ask workers for a negative test before they return?

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