What to do about my bad reputation

What would you do if you were me?

  • Create a new user name?
  • Stop using Forumosa altogether?
  • Start agreeing with the guys with the most posts untill I get accepted?
  • Carry on but change my ways?

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What should I do to be accepted as a normal forumosa user since I’ve built up a bad reputation?

Post intelligently
Answer questions
Back up what you say

Listen, you’ve had at least one quality thread and I liked it. Keep going that way.

Personally, I never went out of my way to make enemies, and still don’t see you as that.

Move on, we all make asses out of ourselves in the beginning, myself included.

As one of your biggest critics on this and other boards, I agree with Bassmans suggestions.

I am sure that no one has a problem with you the person, many of us just have a problem with the sewage that you are famous for posting.

Make serious well thought out posts and be able to answer questions raised about what you say without resorting to insults, and you shoulf find that everything is OK.

Let’s see how you go!

Get rid of the “hessite” part of your name. It always makes me think you are a Hessian. Hessians were mercenaries hired by the British to fight against the American Patriots in the Revolutionary War.

Either that, or you are the mysterious green stone that is to Hess what Kryptonite is to Superman.

You have a bad reputation? Screw forumosan hippies. Keep it real son!

The pope keeps it real.

Yeah, “Hessite” doesn’t do it for me either. If/when you think of a jazzier user name, let me know and I’ll change it for you. :slight_smile:

I always took it to mean he worked for Hess.

Whatever dude, just keep posting what you really think.

What good is an opinion if it does not see the light of day to be lauded or lamented. The only way to develop ideas is to have them criticized argued against and dissected.

Forumosians will continue to shit on and salute you

[quote=“keiththehessite”]What should I do to be accepted as a normal forumosa user since I’ve built up a bad reputation?[/quote] Make a transformation rather than a ‘change’ . Be willing to find out why you were the agent of the creation of your ‘bad’ reputation, then do what it takes to transform it. IE, if you cause some people some discomfort, acknowledge it and be responsible for it. In other words, clean up your mess and put away your toys and come and play… :laughing:

Just be genuine. Once people get use to you here, you’ll just be another voice in the crowd.

The people here are really old and have children, so they are not so accepting of new ideas.

Huh? I didn’t know you had a bad reputation. I couldn’t vote in your poll because I think you should do what you think is best. By the way, what’s a “normal forumosa user”? :laughing:

hmmm… I thought you are German first (because Hessite sounds like “from Hessen” which is a “land” of Germany.

But you mean those hessian soldiers fighting for the British in the colonial war? Interesting, we Germans almost forgot about such things. Those days, there was no German nation and the local dukes sometimes gave their soldiers for money to everyone who paid. Such things make me a “Republican” in the original sense of the meaning. I only learned about them in that scary movie with Jonny Depp (?)

Or do you work at “Hess”. Or are you a fan of Rudolf Hess, escaping to England in late WW2 with some strange ideas?

Or are you a fan of Hess Toy Trucks?

This requires enlightenment.

Hessen is a nice place! Try the “Schupfnudeln with Sauerkraut and bacon”

I usually like to be authentic but I would like to change my user name because I initially picked the name to taunt another user of a now defunct site, named keith who was called a “hessite” by another user because he always seemed to defend Hess. I also chose the name because it is totally unrelated to me in any way.My feeling toward Hess, the buxiban and the surname, are neutral, but I detest Rudolph Hess for sure. So Maoman, please help me to rid myself of this name.

By the way, when I started working in Taiwan for the first time, I found it strange that kindergartens could be called “Hess” because the first thing that I associate with the name is the holocaust. I thought one might as well call a kindergarten “Hitler”, “Mengele”, “Goebels”, “Idi Amin”, “Robert Mugabe” or “Hannibal Lector” then. Then I realized that there are many thousands of people who have surnames that are associated with infamous people and that they could do without the baggage in their lives.

I have insulted people, but only when I was insulted first and I felt that the moderators should have deleted those insults. Hence my thread about authors moderating their own threads. In future I will ignore them and inform the moderators about my objections.

Something strange happened to me just before forumosa shut down a few months ago. I was busy browsing and if I recall correctly, I opened a message sent to me and something that appeared to look like a Hess banner exploded onto the screen. Not too long after that, forumosa shut down. I asumed that my access to forumosa had been suspended or that I had been banned. After a while, forumosa users started to surface on other sites like river rafters surface after their raft flips over and I realized I wasn’t banned.

I see myself as someone who opposes injustice. This will not change.


I see myself as someone who opposes injustice. This will not change.[/quote]

How do you do that?

And Bob, where do you get Schupfnudeln und Sauerkarut in Hessen? I was raised with Aeppler und Handkaes.

My real life is not truly reflected by the posts I’ve made by now. I have helped the police in apprehending two criminals. The one was a professional boxer who robbed an old lady on her way to work. I have taken part in mass rallies. The best way to end injustice is to expose it like a louse-infested blanket to the sun. Parasites cannot stand scrutiny.



And Bob, where do you get Schupfnudeln und Sauerkarut in Hessen? I was raised with Aeppler und Handkaes.[/quote][/quote]

em… I am from Hannover, but in Darmstadt where I lived 4 years, I found this stuff in restaurant and loved it!

ih Darmstadt
even the name is disgusting

I have never even seen your name before. Therefore, you are like an insect to me. However, if you want advice from the best, just follow Elvis Costello’s advice:

This Town

You’re nobody in this town
You’re nobody in this crowd
You’re nobody till everybody in this town
thinks you’re poison,
Got your number knows it must be avoided
You’re nobody till everybody in this town
thinks you’re a bastard [/quote]

Is Wolf a total prick?
Yes, total.
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Well, at least partial…
24% [ 15 ]
No, Wolf suffers from a paucity of prickiness.
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I am much more than you think. I might be the cook who prepares your meal behind the closed kitchen door or the mechanic who repairs your brakes, or your boss’ advisor. I might be the surgeon who will operate on you next week. I might even be your closest friend. Neither are you nothing. You might be the best influence that the people around you will ever have.