What to expect in terms of housing for a large family?

As a foreigner, I prefer newer ones. The windowpanes are newer and better sealed preventing leaks. Plugs are grounded and the same three pronged ones we have in Canada/USA which means its safer. Newer buildings come with newer building codes. They often have heat pump AC units instead of those window AC units which are often cheaply installed and leak heat(and thus hydro) out the window, wasting money. I went from an old building to a new building and my hydro bill dropped from $4000-7000 to $1000 bimonthly and I USE my AC units…a lot to keep things dry and cool.

I prefer buildings with a dedicated natural gas line because it’s cheaper and easier to cook with. Hot water is cold until needed and never wasting hydro stuck in a water tank leaking heat.

Internet, most companies want a two year contract. Water is cheap.

591 is easy cause it is a bunch of people and real estate offices all putting houses on one classifieds site. You can also check www.housefun.com.tw. If your Chinese is good, you can call the number listed in the ad or see if their number adds their LINE, of which most agents tie their number to and message them that way.

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Locals have a dehumidifier for each room. Never used the AC cuz we use it for temperature control.

Local people’s opinion on tamsui:

You’ll need to read Mandarin for those links though.

I understand locals have those opinions, but I live there. I know what it’s like and I’m approaching 10 years in this wonderful country, almost all of it in Danshui with some of it in Sansia.

I’m not saying you’re not. Of course there would be people, foreigners or locals, that like that place.

It’s not our decision to make anyways.

Btw sansia is also not a popular choice. I’m not familiar with that place but I know some spots that floods.

Quite a few forum members live in both Danshui and Sansia.

Now you made @RickRoll cry.

I’m kidding. :rofl:


Everyone has their own preference. It’s a good thing we have different opinions. My Tainan friends can’t stand the humidity in any city in the north. I hope they didn’t make half of taiwan cry about that :joy:

The most important: get a dehumidifier!!


We can all agree on that one.


So have you tried the AC dehumidifying function? Does it work?

I do. It works well. If I don’t use it, things don’t dry. I use my AC 8hr daily and my hydro bill is barely over $1000 bimonthly.

Oh. Forgot to mention. @yam, Zhuwei is only one station from Costco in Guandu.


Yes I did see that :grin:

So, let’s say I find a place that looks nice on 591. Is it safe to try and rent it before we’re actually in Taiwan? Or do we also need to find some short-term housing? How long does it generally take from seeing a place to being able to move in?

You’re probably gonna be quarantining first. That will give you time to research and look at places when you get out of Corona Jail. I prefer looking in person.

It will be easier to help find and suggest places when the date is closer, so you’re welcome to revive this topic then.

Then @MadamBroccoli and I can playfully compete and throw ideas at you :wink:

kidding. All in good fun.


I agree on that too. The molds. You just have to check the molds in the bathroom… yikes!!and the illegal structures, and the water leak, and the window bars… so many things that could go wrong.

That’s why I suggested Japanese agencies. A good agency saves the trouble.

Or we could criticize on the choice altogether :joy:

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This is why I like new ones and new ish post-2004 high rises. They have all the newest safety features and none of the issues you described.

For the same reasons.

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Got it, thanks again for all the advice! Hopefully the lockdown will lift, visas will go through smoothly, and I’ll be able to update you then.

Oh @Marco you had mentioned template URLs, do you mind giving me an example?

Sanxia is great!

But only the new developed area near the University. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


台北大學? We used to call it 台北大湖 XD
So they fixed the flood problem I guess?

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I had never seen Sansia flood. I lived there too.

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