What to expect in terms of housing for a large family?

It’s called 北大特區 but yeah, probably the same area.

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It was many years ago. Perhaps they fixed the problem.

Seems like they’ve done something about it last year.

I didnt even know they did something last year. I was there when Typhoon Souledor dropped by as a Cat 3/4 typhoon and it seemed normal to me.

There was even a flood in June last year. The news says this problem will be fixed in September, 2020. But I don’t think we have a typhoon since then to test the new system.

It’s not like the whole sanxia floods. But 台北大學 is famous of its “lake view”.

Interesting. I didnt know.

Been in Sanxia Bei Da area for 6 years. I liked it so much I bought a house there. Never seen flooding at all. Spectacular views of all of Taipei, can see 101 from my balcony on a clear day.

Anyways, just thought I’d chime in to defend Sanxia.

Doesn’t help the OP though.

OP, definitely look in person before committing to a rental. Anything newer (reads nicer) in central Taipei is going to be out of your budget.

I agree with Marco about branching out to the end of the MRT lines and looking there if public transport is important to you.

You mentioned you will WFH. If that is the case, why the need to be near Taipei Main?

IMO, research the schools and pick a location based on that. Not all public schools are equal.

Not sure how used to Taiwan style homes you are. Coming from Texas, where both homes and apartments are comfortably sized, houses in Taiwan will feel tiny. A lot of those pictures on 591 can be misleading about size. Again, best to see in person.

How important is kitchen size and kitchen amenities to you? The average Taiwanese kitchen is no bigger than a coat closet with little to no counter space, a two burner stove, no oven and no dishwasher.

If you cook, and those things are important to you, add it to your search criteria.

Good luck!


Check out Xinzhuang. There’s a newish Costco that’s rarely crowded

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Totally agree on this one. I find Danshui less rainy and humid than Taipei on average. The air quality is a lot better too.

I’d look at it and turn on faucets, ac, everything before renting. Most places I’ve rented had something not working.
The surroundings are important and you can’t really see that from a listing. I’ve lived in and outside the city. Both are great but different, so it really comes down to what your family wants to do.
Shorter commute times mean more time with family.


Also, demand that the landlord reimburse you for an A/C cleaning. You should be cleaning them twice a year.

I’m primarily WFH, but will need to head to the office near Taipei Main Station 1-2x a week.

Any tips on that? Is there a https://www.greatschools.org/ equivalent?

Thanks, we do cook a lot, and we’re ok with the two burner stove. Could probably survive without an oven although we would probably get a small toaster oven. Would love to have a dishwasher, but are those common?

In newer buildings, yes, they exist but are not common.

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Hey, a friend suggested Xindian, near the end of the green line, after saying that the red line is slower and more crowded than the other subway lines. Any thoughts on how Xindian compares to the other areas mentioned (eg Zhuwei) in other ways?

That’s the weird thing, coastlines often see less rain than a few km inland, it’s like an invisible barrier. The only problem is humidity combined with salinity.

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PROOF! that it’s raining in Taipei and clear in Beitou/Danshui…at least for today.

For my good friend @MadamBroccoli

I’m kidding.


Wow that’s a beautiful picture!

I’ve never doubted the beauty of danshui river. I’ve visited a friend who stayed at a river view suite for a few months. And the price is cheap. It’s just not for us urban creatures I guess.

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