What TV are you watching (2020)?


The language in Star Trek is complex, as are the issues. And Dune is complicated. Yet you find LOTR fans. I dunno.

I put that one down to the huge popularity of the movies, and the fact that they were so well done.

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I like watching NHK World (MOD 560) from Japan.

All day Sundays mostly life and travels in Japan. Sound on or off while listening to music or something. Has English subtitles.

And Japan Railway Journal on random times during the week.

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:sob: I do the same. NHK, Waku Waku Japan, GS, whatever is showing Japanese travel.

Heck, even CTS Japanese lessons.

Watching ‘Last Dance’ the mini-doc series about Michael Jordan (infinitely better than that other huge mini-doc series ‘Tiger King’ :sunglasses: ).


The Comey Rule. Fictional reenactment About FBI Director Comey, Trump, etc.

Series premiere 2 episodes on FX HD local TV station MOD channel 621 10pm tonight.

Tomorrow 8pm first 2 episodes repeat plus 2 more episodes.

Will probably have some more repeats.

Dumber & Dumbest…

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He was doing legitimate acting long before Dumper.

Starts during the campaign.

I was referring here to his real-life character.

Stretched it out as long as I could, but Sunday afternoon I finally finished S4 of The Expanse.

I thought season 4 was a bit of a letdown, for a couple reasons. First reason is that the struggles among Holden, the Belters, and RCE on the gate planet Ilus dimininished the scope of the series, which in S1-3 was about the nature of the protomolecule, it’s utility as a weapon that could be controlled by humans, and attempts by all 3 parties (Earth, Mars, the Belt) to get a piece of this new weapon. That changed (the scope grew great again) at the end of the tenth episode with eight stealth asteroids launched at Earth by Naomi’s ex.

Second, season 4 borrowed too much American soap opera-ish exposition to get to the end of episode 10. I was disappointed in the number of discussions among various parties that were too close to, say, As The World Turns, in their nature. It wasn’t bad at all, it was just a disappointing change from the first three seasons, which were exceptional.

Just quibbling, though. I think this is the best science fiction I’ve seen on television since The Outer Limits on ABC 55 years ago. The overall quality is something I’d have expected only from HBO.

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The Son, didn’t look great before when I clicked past, but tonight seems good. I might have to start this from the beginning. Also on FX HD MOD 621.

The first of 4 hours just started.

I’m enjoying it. Insight into inner workings of government.

Just don’t forget that it’s fiction…

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Have not seen Expanse, but you absolutely must check out Raised by Wolves. The best sci-fi TV series for anyone who appreciates films like Bladerunner, Prometheus etc. Themes surrounding religion, humanity, androids, and war.

Peak Ridley Scott. Which in my book is a very good thing. And which guarantees a visual feast as well.

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Will do, and thanks for the recommendation.

I have to say, though, that The Expanse has set the bar very high. Also a visual feast.

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Very interesting. I hope those two can do half as well this time as they did with Band.

Hollywood set the bar very high in 1949 with Twelve O’Clock High, so these two have their work cut out for them.

By the way, if you’ve never seen the 1949 movie, and if you can tolerate old movies in b&w, it’s a good one. Nominated for 4 Oscars, won 2. Does a great job of showing the personal and emotional cost to US air command of assigning resources in the best way to ensure results, irrespective of casualties. I believe it’s still required viewing at all US service academies, and even some business schools air it in Org Mgmt courses.

Daylight raids over Germany were a pretty grim business, on both ends.


This looks good…

I’m disappointed.

Cranston. I want him in broad wide open roles that average could imagine in the neighborhood like Breaking Bad.

The dramatic music doesn’t make it good.

The Expanse season 5, December 16, 2020. The first 3 eps drop on the 16th, then one a week.

Looks like Marco and his megalomaniacal brand of idealism may be the stars.

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