What TV are you watching (2020)?


You have to power through the first 3 episodes, then you’ll be hooked.

Very funny and refreshing.

We are currently watching the last season and we’re feeling sad that it’ll be coming to an end.


I’m through episode 2, where The Queen’s Gambit gets really good.

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It’s (clearly) taken off since then and has become quite a phenomenon. I’m glad the world caught up pretty quickly with this show.

Lemme know what u think when you finish the satisfying binge!

Midnight sky was pretty depressing. And slow. Weird twist at the end.

Get it from a North American or European source. The one broadcast on MOD censors any mention of homosexuality, which, since David is gay, takes out a lot of the story lines- I guess because we share the satellite feed with Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia and they freak out about it.

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Time for the annual changing of the TV stations on January 1st. Last year they dropped Fox News; a year or two before that they dropped the channel that had NFL, NHL, and NCAA football; the year before that they dropped the rugby channel. This year they are dropping ESPN in favor of Sports 11, but the report in the Taipei Times gave all the ins and outs of where it would be replaced and the corporate backroom dealings, without bothering to mention the changes in programs.


Wow! Then that would completely ruin the show. David isn’t gay, BTW…he’s “Pansexual” as explained by his father Johnny Rose in one of the earliest episodes.

Queen’s Gambit getting really good.


  • “You should see the places they play in the Soviet Union”,
  • “I’m planning on it”
  • “You have to get past me first”
  • “ I’m planning on that too”.


Has anyone seen this movie yet? Sorry if it’s already been posted. I feel the lifetime channel so I’m hoping it’ll be showing in Taiwan.

The first twenty minutes of ‘Queen’s Gambit’ didn’t grab me (seems a bit cliche… one-of-a-kind prodigy with tragic past can’t get past personal issues/flaws in order to achieve full potential). Is it worth sticking it out?

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I felt the same, but I liked the end of the episode. Looking forward to the rest, and I hear it gets better.

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I wonder if the origin of “finger licking good” has anything to do with his horniness…


And the best part is it’s AC Slater from saved by the bell

I was very bored with first episode of Queen’s Gambit and quit watching. Picked up again a couple weeks later and wow.

Half way through second episode becomes great and continues well at least at far as I’ve reached E06.

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Okay, you and @tempogain have convinced me to give it another shot. cracks knuckles

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It was good. I was worried it was going to be one of those feminist shows where all the male characters are evil and the entire thing was about that. But there was much more depth to the character and plot including women’s issues in the past historical context.

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Queen’s Gambit took a fairly common book story from 1983 and made a great intriguing TV series from it.

Shows the potential of nearly any book being adapted to the screen if done right.

Saw it coming in early episodes but didn’t expect alcohol problems to become a predominant issue.

I’m really connected to this character, I’m on episode 6, and didn’t realize there are only 7 episodes, so wish there were more.

I’m glad I gave ‘Queen’s Gambit’ another chance. It’s good like you guys said. :+1: On ep2, no spoilers please lol


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