What TV shows are you watching (2021)?


Legion, watched first episode.

Gets great reviews, psychotic schizophrenic psychic marvel mutant, watching the show makes you feel psychotic, need to be in the mood to watch.

This looks boring but I am enjoying it

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Well, either @TT is going to do this or I’d better: that’s a TV show. Not a movie. There is a different 2021 TV thread that must be feeling quite neglected today.

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Whoever did it last year was probably more popular, and smarter, and more of a VT buff, and perhaps even more handsome, than the jackass that did it this year!

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I watched it and was quite disappointed to find out it has almost no basis in fact. Great early 60s period drama.

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It’s great. She won best actress series or golden globe or something last week.

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I was going to check if it was factual but this time decided not to do so. I like the idea though. I pretty much knew it was not as I had not heard of her name. I have not finished it yet but it gets me nervous every few minutes waiting for something to bring her down, tranquilizers , men, greedy step mother …

What…the…actual…fuck?!? :dizzy_face:

I Dream of Jeannie

Daily on HITS HD. 5pm, 830pm, 130am, maybe other times.

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21st Century Maritime Silk Road on National Geographic. Puke worthy. The Brit presenter is getting a hernia bending over for the CCP.

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He must have lobbied for the job. They couldn’t have picked a worse replacement if they tried. Trading a pure soul like Trebek for some disgraced medical fraud…

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Decided to get back to watching Law & Order SVU on USA Network. It’s good to take a break every now and then, especially when there’s over twenty seasons…

Moonbase 8, season 1, good concept, poorly executed, very deadpan and few laughs.

Wanda Vision is crap compared to those and I Dream of Jeannie.

I just watched that episode last night.

He also told Data to get rid of that tic in the same way.

Nevermind, I misread that…
I’m talking about the Data’s brother episode.

The New Pope

Is my next binge watch.

I also spotted Jean Luc cursing “merde”. :eek: I don’t remember that from before, but in general, the interpersonal relationships between characters are… weird. Too stiff in some areas, belligerent in others and really not natural.

Made it through season 1. Puff!

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The New Pope.

Watched first episode. This is good stuff. I am immediately rewatching the first episode again.

Erotic, modern music lots of background music good soundtrack, even the chanting comes with reggae, techno, etc. background, neon lights and nuns dancing like music video, interesting to see and hear how music choice had such an impact and affect on a situation like voting for a new pope.

Finished Lego Masters (US version) on Hulu with VPN.
Started watching Lego Masters (Australia version) free on 9Now with VPN.

The Australian version is longer, but less entertaining. Boring with very mediocre hosting.

The US version is more entertaining, funny, and suspenseful.

The show began in the UK, then Australia, and now the US. Was a bit surprised that the US actually copied all the challenges straight from the Australians. Even the US contestants builds closely resembled Australia’s. Kind of took the surprise out of it.

Still a fun show to watch if you and your kids are into Lego. Definitely inspirational for kids.

Speaking of Lego, Costco is selling a box set of 1500 classic bricks for 1400NT. (Retails for 2600 other places) Definitely worth the price at Costco! Went out and bought it. Sat down and built all evening with my kids.