What TV shows are you watching (2021)?


There can’t be a new Highlander!

There can only be one.


Watched The Crime of the Century on HBO a few days ago.
Really disgusting at times yet quite informative.
According to Purdue Pharma the drug itself isn’t the problem, it’s the people who abuse them. I’ve heard that argument before in some other context. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Love Death & Robots

Went through the whole 1st season and only liked about 4 episodes of 18. Bored with the others.

Short animation episodes, some very realistic, some look like comics or cartoons, 10-15 minutes each, lots of shooting and violence, not as creative as hoped, empty.

This is great. Police drama is one of my favorites, and I watched some good ones like The Wire, NYPD Blue, Homicide: life on the street, Dexter, The Shield, etc. And Line of Duty is as good as any of those. Interrogation scenes are amazing.

Interesting 1 hour documentary about a school shooter faking being crazy.

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Started the 7 day HBO Go trial, just to watch it last night.

I did not have high hopes going into it, but when it ended, it just left me wanting more. Not really a season 11 episode 1 kind of more, but more of the recaps and the never before seen behind the scenes things.


That’s JCS. He has his own thread.

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I almost wanted to watch it but the host (seriously? James Corden was the best they could do?) made me nauseous so I still haven’t watched it.

Btw all of them either look really shit (all the guys, esp. Matthew Perry, geez) or can barely move their mouth from all the botox (Aniston and Cox). Only Lisa Kudrow has aged gracefully and she’s the oldest by a margin.

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Not a coincidence. She was the only real person on that show.

Friends? Are you saying this is good?

Is it their life continuing or documentary or what

I’m guessing it has something to do with the studio. I wouldn’t really he surprised if the host was Conan (if this were filmed later this year) as I hear he left TBS to host a show on HBO.

So you did watch it…or at least the trailer.

I watched like the first 4 mintues leading up to James Corden, after he showed up I turned it off.

I never saw it when it first came out, as it wasn’t on Taiwanese TV- didn’t start watching it until reruns in the 2010s, so while I liked it, I didn’t have any particular emotional attachment to any of the characters. I guess a lot of people did.

The reruns on Taiwanese TV started much earlier than that.

Did they? I must have watched them earlier, because I remember seeing episodes where there were situations involving gays, and Warner Brothers on MOD (CH 616) doesn’t allow any depiction of gays, presumably because it broadcasts into SE Asia and their governments ban such stuff.
I remember one episode where Ross and Rachel have a hot nanny, and Joey keeps trying to hit on her. Her girlfriend shows up at the door and they engage in a passionate kiss- ha ha ha the kicker is she’s actually a lesbian- except they cut out the kiss, so it makes no sense.
Another episode has Rachel meeting an old sorority friend, and tells Phoebe she is uncomfortable seeing her because they engaged in a necking session in college. Phoebe doesn’t believe goody-goody Rachel would have done such a thing, and all through lunch the friend claims not to remember it either. To jog her memory, Rachel plants a passionate kiss on her, and the friend (who is about to get married) declares she has always been passionately in love with Rachel. It ends awkwardly. In the final scene Phoebe gives Rachel a big kiss, “just to see what the fuss was all about.”
(Phoebe’s evaluation: “Meh. I’ve had better.”)
Now, imagine that with all references and examples of gay sex cut out.
(Don’t get me started on what they did with David and Patrick on Schitt’s Creek.)

I just caught it on tv. It was not good. 70% of it was cringe-inducing.

I watched about 15 minutes…that was all I could take. It was like watching a creepy high school reunion of people you don’t know.

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Friends is still huge here, in not only in marketing tshirts and hoodies. Kids in high school wear there…willingly.

Watching some new Tom Clancy movie on Prime. Action adventure starting off in Aleppo, Syria with Russian military killed by suppastah American seal team. Ooohh, no they dinnit!