What would you do if you owned an entire village?

Lord Clitheroe owns the village, and is able to exert his control over developments that may ruin the chocolate-box appearance. The houses and cottages are stone-built, and there are no road markings on the streets, no overhead cables, and no TV ariels or satellite dishes to spoil the view.

Brilliant. I want one!

I’d ban people.

is that a scene from the Borat movie?

or somewhere in albania?


I’d run down Main Street and yell at everyone to get the hell off my lawn.

I’d evict all the English people.

A friend of mine lives in a little village like that on the Welsh marches

I’d make public nudity legal.

I’d make it mandatory. At least for funny-looking people and girls aged 16-25.

A few years ago a guy bought an entire town in Northern California on eBay for US$1.8M. The town, which the sellers acknowledged was a fixer-upper, came complete with a post office, a mile and a half of river bank, a cemetery, more than a dozen cabins and houses, and its own zip code.

archives.cnn.com/2002/US/West/12 … index.html

I’ve driven through that town and it’s hard to see what one could do with it to recoup the purchase price except growing dope. . . which is what most of the folks in that area do anyway. Your village is a lot more scenic. Here’s Bridgeville:

I’d make it mandatory. At least for funny-looking people and girls aged 16-25.[/quote]

so you’d be up for it then sandman? and i know you’re not a girl aged 16-25. :astonished:

that village does look like its in the brecon Beacons somewhere. muay pretty

[quote=“urodacus”]is that a scene from the Borat movie?

or somewhere in albania?


The north of England, you cheeky monkey!

But seriously.

  1. Start my owning mining company.
  2. Develop farm waste based WMD.
  3. Make some fake Anglo-Saxon burial mounds.
  4. Experiment with trebuchets/sheep.
  5. Encourage all the boys in the village to make a neolithic style stone circle.

I’m sure more stuff would come to me.

Like this one?

[i]a henge of 24 upright pillars and connecting lintels that is 30m in diameter and about 4m high. In the centre of the henge is a 5m-tall obelisk, the eye of which points at the south celestial pole.

Set into a tiled mosaic that runs out from the obelisk along the meridian is a 10m analemma, the figure of eight pattern that the path of sun traces over a year.

Outside the circle of the henge stand six heel stones, the markers for the rising and setting points of the sun at solstice and equinox.

Inside, with an eye to performances and weddings that will be held here, the stones are also wired for sound.


It’s private land, dude. No need to worry about laws for the public.

Pretty much. And the beauty of it would be that if you fucked it up a bit, it wouldn’t matter.

should be in taiwan then.

cha bu duo.

No, I just meant that they age well…

I’d like to open a pub there.
Leave it as it is.

I’d do my village up just like the one in the original post. Then I’d let McDonalds or KFC open the tackiest branch they could design-just for the spectacle.

I’d hammer in the morning.
I’d hammer in the evening.
All over this land.
I’d hammer for freedom…

Oh, wait, if I had a VILLAGE.

Three little French words:

Droit de seigneur

Of course with my luck they’d probably all be mingers.