What's a VPN that is Torrent Friendly

I use VPN One Click. But every time I use it, the torrent app closes (UUTORENT) . As soon as I close the VPN service, the torrent app opens again. What is happening here? Is there a VPN service that is torrent friendly. I only need to use it for a month so… I’d like one that has a reasonable short term rate. Thanks .

I just answered that question here: http://www.forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=133805&start=10#p1639094

I’ve never had any problems with astrill. Works great in China.

Many VPNs block torrents to save their bandwidth. If you want to use VPN for torrenting then use one that supports P2P file sharing. Their are many VPNs that supports P2P file sharing. I use ivacy.com/ because they have several P2P optimized servers.

I use expressvpn. Doesn’t noticeably impact torrent speeds.

AirVPN Torrent are welcome :slight_smile:

The best VPN I used was PIA (Private Internet Access), most importantly I can watch live sport streaming which is amazing considering most VPN will slow down your internet connection. I can only recommend this one, and yes it works with torrent as well.

Yeah for torrenting i also heard very good remarks about PIA vpn for torrenting although i didn’t use it, however i myself used purevpn, its provide fastest p2p file sharing services, in fact from the last 3 years i didn’t have to face any issue. However there are more alternative torrent vpns. Here is a comparison table of other vpns @ vpnranks.com/torrent-vpn/

I’m pretty sure you can use any software to connect to Totalvpn (including built-in software with your OS). However, the Totalvpn software comes with a really handy feature – the Kill Switch. This will disable your internet connection when connectivity to the VPN is lost.

I wasn’t using the kill switch at first. One day I realized that the VPN got disconnected, yet I was still torrenting like a madman. I turned on the kill switch feature and haven’t looked back. Has saved me countless times.

You can setup a kill switch outside of the total vpn software, but it’s not very easy. i l say totalvpn is the Best Torrent VPN Service Provider

SOrry i l missing i l get this best torrent vpn from toptenvpnreviews.com

Astrill says they are the best VPN for bittorrenting so they are ‘Torrent Friendly’ but I haven’t tried it yet.

Have a look on affordable and torrent friendly VPN providers

Is there any need for a VPN when torrent in Taiwan?


I am using airvpn and its torrent friendly. You can also remap Ports.


I would recommend Astrill vpn, been using it for a while now and pretty good.

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Been using PIA here, seem pretty fast but I’m not a huge downloader of stuff!

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I had the option to choose between Astrill, PIA and PureVPN. For the time being as i mentioned above have Astrill vpn. Also got the dedicated IP with PureVPN. Reason Astrill dedicated IP was a bit out of range. Both working good so far.

Bar none, the best VPN at the moment is EXPRESS VPN. As I type this message I am torrenting using utorrent.

I’m sure the others that were recommended are probably okay. I pay yearly, but I think express is about 10 usd a month.

What speed is your internet connection and what DL speed do you get torrenting with EXPRESS?

I am currently in Mainland China. My connection fluctuates a lot throughout the day depending on the bandwidth usage in my building. However, the speed at which I torrent can still reach 500 kb/s to as much as 1 mb/s. It depends more on the seeds.

It does throttle the DL speed a bit. If I torrent without the VPN it’s clearly faster.