What's the difference between 24h pchome and mall pchome?

Since summer going to start soon I was looking for a good fan in my largish living room. I thought industrial fans would give good air-flow.

I found one fan model. Both links have same model. But one is priced at 599 another at 749 NT



What is the difference between the two fans? I saw that shipping times are different, is that the only difference causing price difference?

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My impression is that 24 hr is operated by PCHome, while the Mall is a hosting service for other venders to use the platform to sell stuff.

That’s why 24 hr PCHome can guarantee a delivery time, but PCHome has no control over how soon individual venders ship their products over at mall PCHome.

By the way, those are industrial fans, you might want to consider the noise factor.

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Thanks for information. I also noticed that the 749 one says it has 1 year warranty but 599 one does not say anything about warranty. I wonder why…

Mall pchome is B2C and 24Hpchome is B2B2C. Prices may vary because of delivery methods, fees or availability.

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Thanks all for resposnes. The mall pchome package arrived in 3 days. Very quick delivery unlike claimed on their website :slight_smile:

24h keep all vendors stock in consignment in a warehouse in Taoyuan. Thats why they are able to send out deliveries 24rs and can manage stock in real-time. Vendors share the delivery costs with other orders, but in the case they are the only order going out on that route, they have to pay for the whole van. Meaning that they have to factor the highest possible delivery costs into their retail price.

Mall is just a normal ecommerce site, where the vendors handle the warehousing and delivery.


I was looking into a tv, and took a close look at a shop in Mitsukoshi, the salesman said something about PC Home selling re-furbs? I am paraphrasing, but it boiled down in standard salesman english that “They get many returns”.

Is it easy to determine if an offering at 24hr PChome is a refurb or not?

Anything with 福利品 is a return/sample/display model, for example.


The salesman is probably trying to get your business. But yes, some items are sold as open box would be sold as open box online.

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Seems like the pandemic hit pchome hard. Orders are not progressing for a week already.
I ordered from 24h pchome to 7-11 pickup. Order has not been processed yet.
My wife has also already cancelled a few orders.

All warehouse workers are in quarantine? Haven’t found any news about the situation.


Makes sense. In the U.S. Amazon/WalMart/Target orders shot through the roof early on during the pandemic. Many products on websites simply said “Unavailable”, like alcohol wipes, toilet paper, medical alcohol (to make your own wet wipes), and much more. Other problems were getting drivers and delivery-persons.
Welcome to COVID-19 pandemic, the online consumers’ version.

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I was discussing that with the wife yesterday, too.
We ordered something online last Saturday, expecting 24h delivery. Until now, the order haven’t being processed.

On the product’s page, it’s written: “If we can’t deliver in 24h, we’ll give you 100NTD coupon as compensation”. Then, when we go to check the details of the order, they say: “Due to large number of orders, we can’t fulfill the 24h delivery time. Hence, the 100NTD coupon is not applicable”. What?! :wall:

I mean, it’s understandable that they are overloaded with orders, but then don’t announce the 24h delivery promise as if nothing had changed!

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Sue them?




After 9 days the package is finally being shipped out.